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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Number 19, 1976.]

Interest in the Budget

Interest in the Budget

As Muldoon was elected last year on belt-tightening living-within-our-means platform, so people began to expect harsh measures. In one respect, this was disastrous - importers, expecting imminent controls, started importing even more.

Many of the measures the Nats have taken have been tough - especially on low-income earners. The lifting of subsidies on milk, transport, bread. Yet the savings (and Walker's 1984 snooping on unmarried mothers is a classic example) have been small. As the problems didn't go away, in fact worsened, we awaited more action.

As I argued in Salient 2, the March financial minibudget achieved little in resolving the problems. In referring to that 'package' in Parliament, Muldoon said it was taking effect, although us citizens had no concrete evidence for it the later tried to manufacture some, but it hadn't set). I tell you its working! Like I tell you inflation's getting smaller when the latest figure is the highest ever?

It came to budget time, so we expected the heavy hand (and got the soft cushion?). And I bravely went into the lion's den to watch the unfolding spectacle. Meeting a rep from the Soviet Novosti Press, Tom Scott introduced us as both from revisionist newspapers the Russian disagreed slightly!