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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 16, July 12, 1976.

No Freedom of Movement

No Freedom of Movement

For the criminal, freedom of movement is frowned upon by the Justice Department. They like the criminal to stay in one place where an eye can be kep upon them If a person on probation moves from one city to another he can be taken to court for "Breach Of Probation" which results either in a maximum fine Of $400 or 3 months imprisonment. Yet, the person on probation, has by law, the right to move as long as he/she reports to the nearest probation office within 24 hours of arrival.

To interfere with a persons right to move is interfering with a human instinct - immigration or migration.

The law should exist for the invidual - not the state, and this is were facism is taking over from democracy in this country. New Zealand is fast becoming a Police controlled state, approved by National and Labour parliamentarians.

A law exists under the Child Welfare Act where a policeman who has reason to believe that a child is being ill-treated, search any premises without a search warrant and can force entry if need be. The police have far too much power now.

Take these young eighteen and nineteen year old cops: what do they know about society? humanity? marital relationships and so on. I say that all policemen/women should be trained fully in pyschoanalysis, humanities, marital relations, Christianity and they should all be married at least for three years before joining the force.

They should be on 'probation' learning about life, not how to arrest defenceless old drunks, whom will be fined $10 - $15. Society gave him the booze and then learns it cannot control its own decadence.

What is needed is men who can correct our failing society. Men who have the guts to face critical groups; Men who can say: "This is the Atomic Era. We don't need that 200 year old building Captain Cook spat in. Pull it down: Up with a new one. Buildings like that belong in a museum, not in the middle of a city - or suburb."

But no, we have a lot of fat-arsed old men, cowards, afraid of losing their prestige at the local darts' club or at the next elections. They are thinking of themselves, not of their country and so society keeps on falling more so into retrogression.