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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 16, July 12, 1976.

Salient Notes

Salient Notes

The aftermath of the great 32 page issue last week means that all last week's Salient staff are dead. The obituary follows....

The leather version of John Ryall sweeps the barren office of the remaining pancreases and left aortas. Ex-sweeper Bruce Robinson smiles although the tears can still be seen glistening on his checks. Pat Bartle searches the typesetters room for her finger fatigue ointment signed by prominent Chinese women including Salient's Shanghai Correspondent, Rachel Scott.

Anti-empiricist tendencies reek through the Salient office in the form of Lindy Cassidy, well known for her saxaphone rendition of "The Communist Manifesto" and Leonie Morris who does the encores, namely "What is to be done". Still much of an unknown quantity, Kevin Swann dashes around in myopic fashion, narrowly missing Gyles Beckford and his deviationist bell ringers.

Patrick Mulrennan definitely has words as he eagerly dumps his latest consignment of "Socialist Action" in a nearby bush - quickly looking for the likes of Tony Lane.

Tom Duggan adopts a somewhat Levi-Straussian posture in the cafe, much to the amusement of on looking BCA students who are usually game. David Murray meanwhile demands service from the staff and eventually receives a deformed ice cream proving that you can't have your food and enjoy it too.

Ben Smith and Gerard Couper urge the remaining Trotskyists to join their newly formed ultra-leftist idealist party which also includes the well read Lynn Peck and the well green Lionel Klee.

Law fac sophisticates Mike Stephens and John McBride act strangely as they grapple with some hard-to-handle torts. Rose Desmond who only comes out on Friday winches as the thumb screws are applied by Maxim Gorky and Martin Doyle Jean Luc Ponty fiddles as Ziggy's burns.

Wogga wogga correspondent, Anthony Ward cracks tubes with Poulantzas as Gary Lewis indulges in left-wing jargon. Leigh Thompson dismisses Althusser with a Gramsciite flick of the hand and leaves Big Lenny dazed and leaning on the trusty Salient pitchfork as opposed to the Salient ice pick which isn't receiving as much use as it used to.

Elsie Van den Munckhof joins the nice but hard to pronounce names' list along with Roy. Bernard Randall insults Richard Mays in the original Romanian state servant John Henderson serves the whims of the State Services Commission Any Randians.

At this stage it might be appropriate to mention Robert Lithgow, well known token worker, and Salient's former Shanghai correspondent, Harold Merriman. Chris and Bernard Newman wandered in on Thursday evening and appear to be working - my god I hope it's not contagious.

So when all is said and done, the last word goes the neo-Marcusian-Stalinonihilist Luckacsians of which there are none We have great pleasure in presenting Salient Volume 39, Issue 15, Which we cannot guarantee as being as good as last week's bumper crop.

Salient is edited by John Ryall, published by Victoria University of Wellington Students' Association, and printed by Wanganui Newspapers, Drews Lane, Wanganui.