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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 16, July 12, 1976.

Cafe Complaints Build Up

Cafe Complaints Build Up

Dear Editor,

I wish to voice my dissaproval of the quality and cost of the shit sold in the cafe

Due to the lack of chicken I asked for 2 pieces of fish with my chips. I was appalled at the price: 75 cents!! Actually ¾ of my dwindling bursary dollar. (Not all of the increase can be blamed on Rob). Having sufficiently recovered from the shock of the price, I wandered over to the queue (knowing only part of the reason why it was so short).

I was given my fish (If I could be excused for calling them that), small, wee things they were. On top of that the usually passable chips were added. However, this time the chips left a lot to be desired (and I mean a lot; about ¾ of a bagful in fact).

Judging by the quality of the fish I would Say that the New Zealand leather manufacturers were doing a roaring trade in the cafe.

After this totally nauseating meal, I swore (more than usual) to withdraw my patronage, and protest. To this end may I enter a plea of mercy to the cafe manager; to stop treating us like the captive custom he thinks we are, and to increase the quality of the food served. (Note that being a hopeful person I use the word foot this time).


Normally Apathetic Student.