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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 16, July 12, 1976.

Take a Look at Godzone

Take a Look at Godzone


I would not lend any credence at all to the blatantly racist and bigoted comments of "Worried Students" re the Malaysian High Commission Objection in the Salient of 5/7/1976. These psuedo critics are quick to point out our purported social lifestyle and our aesthetic, cultural and political problems. I would sincerely ask these critics to examine their own problems in their own backyard, in so called Godzone.

One only has to visit Kiwi student flats to discover (and probably die of), the reeking stenches of unwashed bodies, unwashed jeans and the smell of beer, and be met with unsightly crates of empty beer bottles. Slums and sub-standard houses in the central Wellington area, especially in Newtown and Mr Victoria, speak for the standard of living in New Zealand. The pubs are filled with drunkards alcoholics, prostitutes and queers (Bistro Bar). Graffiti is earnestly written on toilet walls (VUW Library) and public buildings (Beehive Building).

Tramps and homeless old men sleep under the stars in Pigeon Park, the Public Library and the Basin Reserve and wander aimlessly on the streets. Gangs of marauding Black Power youngsters terrorize the streets. Where is the beautiful picture of New Zealand as Kiwis are prone to point out to others?

The daily papers abound with news of demonstrations for higher pay, abortion on demand, Maori land marches etc. I don't fancy a liking for New Zealand food with such weird names as "Hot-dogs" (whatever that means) or sausages and mince-meat - rotting and decaying meat being recycled for human consumption.

I hope Worried Students would grow up beyond their narrow world of prejudices and stereo-typed views. Know thyselves better before you criticise others.

Overseas Student.