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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 16, July 12, 1976.

Malaysians Clean and Tidy

Malaysians Clean and Tidy

Dear Sir,

I wish to educate the group of "worried students". Those students need accurate information to clear up their bias.

(1)Satay: the Malaysian delicacy is Not made of 'cats' and 'dogs', but beef and sometimes chicken
(2)Prostitution: It's New Zealand Not Malaysia which has one of the highest V.D. rate in the world. For the specific illustrations of prostitutions, please do visit Charlies', and Bistro Bar etc., around the Cuba Mall areas.
(3)Vice: It is far more common to find drunkards in NZ than in Malaysia where alcohlic drinks are very expensive. I suggest the 'worried students' take one night off to visit some of the pubs in Wellington at around closing time to see for themselves. And I also came across many drunkards; some pissing on the roadsides, while others sleeping in all sorts of odd places. Worse still, there are many cases of kiwi gangs approaching us for money to buy beer. Violence is implicit in their demand.
(4)Dirtiness: Please do take the trouble to visit some Malaysian flats and compare them with yours and other kiwis' flats. I bet that will change your attitude provided of course you are a sensible person who is not downright prejudiced I have seen flats occupied by some kiwis which are extremely untidy and dirty. The floors are seldom vacuumed. Plates pile up in the kitchens. I suppose they can be used again for the next meal.

I can, therefore, just as easily conclude that the kiwi society is populated by untidy, dirty, and violent kiwis. But I do not jump to that sort of conclusion for I know that my experience in N.Z. is limited. And to base one's conclusion on one's narrow experience would be plain stupidity. The conclusion reached is bound to be fallacious and misleading. Just imagine that group of jokers who stayed in Malaysia for only a week and starts to claim that they can peak with authority on the Malaysian ways of life.

Remember boys 'he who knows not and knows not he knows not, he is a fool.' So, common sense dictates that all the Malaysians should shun and ignore those fools, i.e.. the group of 'worried students'.

Yours Sincerely,

A Worried Malaysian.