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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 16, July 12, 1976.

Students Starve On Miserable Bursaries

Students Starve On Miserable Bursaries

Dear Salient,

If a fifty-year-old person (with one leg and flat broke) whose aging parents still lived in Wellington, wished to attend university, that person would receive $13 per week. It would be as much a joke for that person as it is for the majority of Vic students now.

I doubt if every student comes from a household that is suitable to study in. I doubt if every student comes from a household where they don't have to pay rent. I doubt if every student actually receives money from their parents, to keep going without having to work during the academic year.

At least 60% of Vic Students are on only $13 per week. Even at home, that's just like something you'd throw the cat.

What about out-of-town students? They get $24 per week, but to live at Everton Hall, Vic House, or Weir House, puts you back $27 per week. You're in the red before you even start.

This is the position now, and Gandar has said there'll be no adjustments till 1978. In that time the cost of living will have risen unbearably for students, either on $13 or $24. In two years time, will you be able to live on $ 13 per week?

Sryth, Parrs, and Barlow (last week's letter writers) are obviously tight-arsed babies who were born with hollow eye-sockets. Daddy will buy their tennis racquets, and one day they'll lie back and tell how they became self-made factory-owners because they worked so hard.

Students are misrepresented and insulted by their letter.

Martin Doyle

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