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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 16, July 12, 1976.

Sexism in Salient

Sexism in Salient

Dear Ed.,

A while ago I wrote an article for 'Salient' on sexist bias in the press. It didn't mention 'Salient' itself, but now that irony makes me furious. Fine for male liberals (though they'd like to identify themselves otherwise) to print an "abstract" article dealing with those evil daily papers "out there"; another issue entirely to examine the appallingly sexist nature of some of "Salient's" own reporting. Example of cock-obsessed, ignorant male burbling: 'The Silent Majority (A Muldoon -knocking column)".

The writer (who sensibly doesn't give HIS name) reveals his adolescent macho preoccupations with nudge, nudge references to "you know what', "a kick in the balls", etc, etc.

Much more disgusting is... "I'd be proud to think my MP had a bit on the side, a mistress being the same as a ministerial car. Performance in the House could be enhanced by a good ride [sic(k)] before arriving for debates." And "Mr Muldoon is married and returns to Tammy, his wife (not his pussy)....." Oh, I know, sweetie, it's all in jest so of course it's Ok. By the way, heard any good nigger jokes lately? Oops! Oh sorry!

Our naive little reporter doesn't realise how similar in political attitude he is to our beloved leader - their anti-woman prejudice is identical!

Marie Buckley.