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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 16, July 12, 1976.

Action Needed from Polytech

Action Needed from Polytech

Polytechnic students are told that Polytech education is directly beneficial to "N.Z. industry" Polytechnic students are told that they are highly motivated and dedicated to their particular courses, that they have shown their studious intentions by this strong motivation. Yet, we are discrimianted against by the bursary 'regulations' (no official regulations exist) and are being regarded as "second-class" tertiary education students.

The time has come for all students concerned to cease to suffer under an inadequate bursary system and to receive what has been promised to them (a carrot maybe?)

To all those Polytech students reading this Think about it, think about the 120 students who are not receiving bursaries at Wellington Polytech, think about the Government and its price control. Think about the students who are thinking of coming to Wellington Polytech next year. Think about these things and begin to make yourselves heard, Wellington Polytech is coming out of its broom cupboard. We must demand parity for Polytech education and the bursary system. We must make Polytech recognised as a tertiary education centre that contributes a great deal of expertise to the "N Z industry".

You are entitled to more - demand it.