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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 16, July 12, 1976.

Polytech Students Suffering Most

Polytech Students Suffering Most

Wellington Polytech is a tertiary education centre and the introduction of the Tertiary Bursary was part of the necessary relignment in tertiary education that was going on at that time. After the initial excitement at the substantial increase in Polytech bursaries we have now realised that we are still being discriminated against (no offence to varsity students) and it appears that a Polytech education is not as tertiary as varsity education, therefore an anomaly exists in transferability.

Having already completed a varsity or polytech course many Wellington Polytech students (120 approx) are not eligible for bursaries under the present system. Second-chance education. Bullshit Gandar! If these students were to enroll in a full-time varsity course the bursary would be forthcoming. The anomolies list is almost endless. I say almost because we, the student, can put an end to them. Death to all anomalies!

As regards payment of the bursary, provisions have been made to have the bursary paid fortnightly, directly into students' bank accounts by the Wellington Polytech administration. If this system is successful in the third term of this year, it will be implemented for all eternity. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the W P. administration for this long awaited move.

The Government and Education Department cannot be allowed to continue to call the tertiary bursary, standard, and must be forced to rapidly remove the present anomalies and make tertiary education financially acceptable to those who wish it. We do not want the Government or Education Dept to change the bursary system - just make it standard for all tertiary education institutions.