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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 16, July 12, 1976.

Bursary not Standard

Bursary not Standard

To call the Tertiary Bursary, standard, is fatuous. Of the 800 odd full-time students at W.P., only 340 (approx 42%) receive the unabated bursary. Why?

A large number of students, 120 (approx 15%) do not receive a bursary at all Why?

Only 12 students (i.e. 1.5%) receive hardship bursaries (I'm one of them) and these are not a all at the unabated rate. Why?

There are about 200 students, who, because of the nature of their courses incur large expenses due to the materials and equipment they are required to produce. These students do not receive any additional assistance. Why?

There are students studying full time at W.P. for 6 months, in courses that are not recognised by the Education Dept., as full time courses and therefore the students are not eligible for bursary assistance. Why?

Student nurses and child-care students are required to do practical work in hospitals and day care centres situated in places like Porirua and Upper Hutt and do not receive any re-imbursement or assistance. Why?

Some students have to travel to Polytech from as far away as Paremata each day because $13 a week is nowhere near enough to enable them to flat in town. Why?

Parents are forced to subsidise their children at W.P. even though that child is of voting age and legally an adult who shouldn't have to depend on assistance from their, already financially hard pressed, parents. Why?

One student lives with her divorced mother in Wellington and receives only $13 a week. Why?

Students lucky enough to receive a bursary (and I refuse to call it S.........D Tertiary Bursary) are having to deal with constantly rising prices with a bursary that has yet to be adjusted to the cost of living increases, as promised by the Government. Why?

There is one man who is supposed to know the answers to these questions but all Mr Gandar can say is "I am aware of the anomalies...."