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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 16, July 12, 1976.

His Notorious Book "The Malay Dilemma"

His Notorious Book "The Malay Dilemma"

"......Deep within them (The Malays) there is a conviction that no matter what they decide or do, things will continue to slip from their control: that slowly hut surety they are becoming the dispossessed in their own land. This is the Malay Dilemma."

Photo of Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysian Prime Minister

......Quotation from Dr Mahathir.

This statement is dangerously provocative, perhaps intended to be so by the writer. To whose hands has the Malays' lion share slipped into? To the majority of the Chinese? This is obviously not the case simply because a large majority of Chinese just like their non-Chinese counterparts are poor, "....that there are among them (Chinese) workers and peasants who are as badly off as the poor Malays......even among the Malays..... there are those who act as businessmen and even money-lenders and who also take advantage of their own kind through various type of usurious practices..." [S. Hussein Ali : Malay Peasant Society and Leadership, 1975

All "Majorities" in Malaysia are in the same position of poverty. Dr Mahathir, in this book published in Singapore 1970 analysed the root cause of the May incident which exploded in 1969, from an extremely biased racist viewpoint which should be strongly opposed and criticized severely by all Malaysians because racialism is not the solution to a plural society like Malaysia. It can only serve to stir up racial strife in an otherwise racially harmonious society where different races co-exist to build up a strong nationally united Malaysian people. He emphasised that "........ If race differentiates citizens, then there must also be race loyalty. Racial loyalty must involve privileges for one's race and denial of rights to others. Under these conditions each member of a race must be instictively guided by considerations of profit and loss for himself. It follows that the more the privileges of a given race the greater the gain for the individual member. Each member must therefore seek to enhance the position of his race so that he himself may gain in the long run...." His analysis founded on the above racist assumption undoubtedly cannot be a class-contradictory analysis.

Dr Mahathir should have realised that the present state of the Malays was created by the British Empire under the "divide and rule" policy so that the people in Malaysia could never be united and consequently the rich resources could be made easily accessible and the "cheap" labour could be ruthlessly exploited.

Our economic function has never been directed to develop our own country. Malaysia is only a 'raw-materials supplier' and is regarded as an valuable market for the expanding industries of the 'parent' countries. Our neo-colonial economy is structured by the colonists particularly the Anglo-American and the Japanese. These affluent nations have been developing their countries at the expense of the underdeveloped third world countries, Malaysia inclusive. They have thwarted any attempt towards any kind of autonomous and balanced development. They have created a new puppet class the "colonial middle class", of which Dr Mahathir is one.