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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 16, July 12, 1976.

The Adventures of 'Gym' Cassidy and the 'Dance-room' Kid

The Adventures of 'Gym' Cassidy and the 'Dance-room' Kid.

With exams over what's new in the lives of our intrepid due? 'Gym' and 'Dance-room' arriving at Sam on the day after exams were dumbfounded to find that the Gym will now be opening at 9 am but closing at the new late hour of 11 pm. What devilish plots will be hatched around the exercycle in the twilight hours?

'Dance-room' at last obtained a chance to learn to Ski. Yes there are some places open in the classes. With the wind whipping past his face as he sped down the indoor ski slope 'Dance-room' secretly gave thanks to the fitness class. (Thursday at 5pm mixed of course). Not a million miles away to the right of the ski-slope flew 'Gym'. Plucky 'Gym'; for he had tried the New, Never Before seen, Thrilling, Etc. Acrobatics classes. (Tuesday at 2pm). Flying through the air with the greatest of ease 'Gym' discovered the art of diving into fiery cups of Drink Vending Machine Cola, from the top of von Zedlitz. What greater thrill could any student want?

Our terrible twosome were quick to start the time-honoured badminton classes, (Tuesday 10am-l 100am, Friday 10am-11am. and 11am-12am) Extremely relaxing after early morning lectures, and conversely bringing one to hights of concentration and vigour prior to an afternoon think session.

Contrary to popular opinion, the forthcoming 'Heat way' rally will not be passing through the Gym, but for those poor souls who thought that it was (and for any one else) the exercycles are available with programmes of how to use them. 'Gym' and 'Dance-room' consoled themselves by doing the 'Tour de France" sur le spot.

Questions to be answered by next week; 'Gym' and 'Dance-room' must have the answers. Why are there no men coming to Women's Keep Fit? (Tuesday 1-2 Thursday 12-1) Can you shuttle backwards and forwards between badminton classes? Have you ever seen a piste skier? Read this space next week for yet another adventure through the leisure hours of V.U.W. with Gym' Cassidy and the 'Dance-room' kid.