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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Number 14, 5 July 1976.

More Fun in Salient

More Fun in Salient

Dear Editor of Noble Salient,

Heed not the scorn of those unfortunates amongst us who have no sense of humour, and decry the like of Harold Hedd. Not everyone is a dope freak, but you don't have to be a tee-totalling-Pat Bartlett-type either. No wonder the world is so fucked. A paper can't depict a simple piece of sex (which after all is not the only thing in the world) in a cartoon without bourgeois perverts going bezerk and moaning as if Salient was the National Party's rag.

Cartoons and comic strips are just as good as everything else in your publication, and omitting them is like omitting your editorial. Salient is not complete without Harold Hedd and the Fabumours Freak Brothers! and the like. A bit more humour might cheer up those apathetic morons all round Victoria who never do anything except support Muldoons dictatorial policies, appose Hart, and get A-passes (if they can be stuffed moving out of the library). I hope your Noble self will rectify the humour situation as best you can.

Yours most humble reader.

I.L. Litterale.