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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Issue 8. April 1976]

Marshall on Pathetic Petty Parking Perverts

Marshall on Pathetic Petty Parking Perverts

Dear Sir,

I think its about time someone put pen to paper and did a moan about the pathetic parking restrictions around the perimeter of this institution. Its bloody ridiculous that vehicle owners are confind to two hour limits in Salamanca Road, Kelburn Parade, and Glasgow Street among others; and it would take a hypocrite to suggest that all students with vehicles should park in the Waiteata Road car park - a region which eaten for about sixty or so vehicles.

Most students are on campus for most of the day, excluding part timers, and just don't have time to shoot off to their car and shift it every two hours. Yet, we get those little finks, on their little bikes and wearing their little plastic helmets, crawling around with their white chalk and little black books dishing out pieces of paper to whoever they see fit

To 'who they see fit' comprises of poverty-striken, hard-done students who, because of political abstinence, aren't even earning money, but are expected to pay fines.

I can't afford an axe, so how about some authoritarian moving into more, positive action. We, as students, are not here to keep the cops in a job nor are we here to feed the state with capital.

Kevin Marshall.