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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Issue 8. April 1976]

Gary (the Much-Maligned) Henderson Maligned Further

Gary (the Much-Maligned) Henderson Maligned Further

Dear Sir,

Without taking recourse to self-denegration by lowering myself to point out some of the more obvious factual errors cropping up in Andrew Kear's paean to malconstruction and simple-minded bigotry (the one that you mistakenly allowed to cast a shadow over a recent letters page) I would like to take this opportunity to expand upon some of the points I made in issue 4.

Firstly, I stand by what I said about Gary Henderson's political views. I am, I could well say, rather pleased that he has finally managed to pick some up, but I am sorely dissappointed that a man with hair as red as his could have been bought off by the forces of capitalism without a struggle.

This sad occurence has destroyed any faith that I may have originally had in any residual amount of intelligence resident in his slowly vegetating head. One only has to look at the Piggy Party's TV propoganda to see just how logical and subtle the forces of the right are in the propogation of their particular point of view, so it logically follows that Gary must have had a rather substantial persuader from aforesaid capitalists.

I would be interested to know just when he is finishing his degree, how long he has been a member of Christian Union and why he is using the name Andrew Kear, is incapable of writing an open and honest letter. Maybe it is because they are foreign virtues to him?

-Jim Watson