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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Issue 8. April 1976]

Ex-president Discusses Goodall Affair

Ex-president Discusses Goodall Affair

Dear John,

The new arrangements for office manager of the Students Association, as partially revealed in Salient No. 5, show clearly that Mrs Goodall was right in her belief that she was dumped from the position in the cause of what is known as a 'rationalisation' of the Stud. Ass. office.

The peremptory manner in which her dismissal was conveyed to her made it obvious that the Exec, members were not basing their decision on any matter of Mrs Goodall's conduct or actions since such things could easily have been ironed out in discussion with her - had they existed.

This means that those Exec, members who frantically tried, and are no doubt still trying to explain how Mrs Goodall brought her resignation upon herself, are hypocrites who without a moment's hesitation resorted to smearing her in various ways, in place of trying to uphold their view that she was of no use to the Association. For this was their view.

In her letter to Salient Diane Hooper has well-summed up the contribution Mrs Goodall made to the Association and its students.

Certainly, Mrs G. did not get along with all students. Because of what she was she did not find it easy to accomodate herself to the priggish, ambitious types who most visibly represent the tendency present in all student politics and student politicians.

This element, rather than any individual person, has had its say - with tragic consequences.

I sincerely believe that what shocked and depressed Mrs G. as much as anything was the utter inability of her accusers to even realise let alone reciprocate, the warmth and affection which she felt for the students with whom she had had contact.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Wilson.

Ex-President VUWSA.