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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Issue 8. April 1976]

Pui and Other Patriots Defended

Pui and Other Patriots Defended

Letter to Everybody,

The 'Poem to Pui" by 'concerned', (Salient issue No. 6) is obviously to blacken Pui's image and set a trap for Robert Pui by stirring and forcing him back to his home country.

The ultimate result of the home journey will be to Jail. The Malaysian Government could arrest him either immediately or some time after his arrival.

If the latter is chosen, it is to avoid provoking international protests particularly from NZ and Australia. The Government could also add 'made-up' charges to Pui for his arrest as in the case of Khoo and many victims. Is that 'Democracy'?

Can we continue to remain silent forever while well aware of the truth about home affairs and that the Government is imposing oppressive, fascist and non-democratic measures upon the people?

No, of course Not!! So we have to speak up for the oppressed people in such an unjust society! A very good example is Robert Pui.

Every Malaysian and Singaporean student jolly well knows that should anybody stand out openly to speak about the truths and fight for the oppressed, he would ultimately be arrested when he goes back to his country. Despite this, Robert decided to sacrifice himself and choose this alternative to speak out.

His other personal sacrifices includes

  • possible harassment by Government to his family in Malaysia,
  • academic work etc.

Hence, we should acknowledge that Robert Pui has the guts to speak out. The real cowards are those like 'concerned' who do nothing but scoff at others.

For a person who really loves his own country and people, I'm sure he would very much wish to serve his country and people and fight for the oppressed directly in his country. It would be unrealistic for for Robert to return now to do what he wishes under the present fascist Government.

Nevertheless, he could still fight for the oppressed indirectly in New Zealand through:
1.Telling all the people in New Zealand of the true situation in his home country,
2.Provoke discussion and thoughts etc.

Haven't we seen that the international pressure on Razak Government and the pressure upon Jack de Silva were definitely having an effect? Also the effect of international pressure on the release of Khoo, Tan Wah Piow and Juliet Chin?

Similarly. Henry Isaacs is another example who tells us the unjust doings of the fascist government in South Africa. Haven't we learnt a lot from his too? Can we take the attitudes of the 'concerned' to mock at him and brand him a 'coward'? Are we to demand he rots in Ian Smith's Jails to express his love for his people and country?

- Anonymous