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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Issue 8. April 1976]


Salient ace reporter has spent the last two weeks investigating rumours of "creeping communism" in Wgtn's No. 1 newspaper the 'Dominion'. Here he presents his report.

While the storms of intraparty strife have raged through China in the last month, a cultural revolution of a very different sort raged through the offices of the Dominion.

The Dom's editor, widely regarded as a conservative, has become a Maoist.

In what is already being described in Western Intelligence sources as the 'great lurch leftwards', Kelleher announced his change of heart in a typically low-keyed Maoist fashion.

The announcement was tucked away on page 6 of the Dominion on April 13 - right next to the horoscopes - and took the form of a news Story, ostensibly from the New Zealand Press Association, on a number of archeological finds in the People's Republic of China.

In the article, the Dominion asserts its belief in class struggle as the prime moving factor in social change, and its belief that the class struggle is manifested in all forms of art. literature, culture and the commercial world.

While most New Zealand newspapers treat such announcements fro the New China News Agency as expressions of opinion, and interpolate the raw Maoist text with 'according to 's' and 'Chinese officials claimed', to show their disbelief of the material, the Dominion has joined ranks of the student and underground press in treating such overtly political commentaries on life in China as objective fact.