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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Issue 8. April 1976]

The Way Forward

The Way Forward

Students criticised the way in which some departments administer assessment.

Some departments don't relate the effort required to complete an assignment in terms of marks for finals. Further to this. In-term assessment is often a token gesture on their part. To be worthwhile, it must carry specific mark value.

There are also inconsistencies between departments on the requirements for similar courses in the amount of work necessary and the value placed on this work.

A particular area of concern was the need to increase flexibility of assessment systems by providing a variety of assessment tasks, from which the student is required to complete a certain amount.

Course lecturers should seek more feedback from students on course work loads and the design of assessment systems. Many students felt that the terms requirement should be abolished.

In effect, students want assessment to measure all the skills involved in a course, not just their exam technique. In-term assessment is still relatively new in the university. Students have made it clear that there are gross errors in its administration.

Students do want in-term assessment but they don't want it as it is now.

If any Commerce students have any comments on this article or specific comments on the report, see your faculty representatives:

John Grainer

(Accountancy student - 850-885)

Robert Toothill

(Accountancy student - 797-110)

They would also be able to help any student who has assessment or workload hassles.

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