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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Issue 8. April 1976]

Conclusion: — The Present Situation:


The Present Situation:

Despite the systematic violent suppression of all protest in South Africa the racist regime has failed to cow the people into submission. In fact it is a truism that repression breeds resistance. Despite the large number of Draconian laws which provide for indefinite detention without trial and arbitrary restriction without trial, the apartheid system is being challenged by all sections of the oppressed, particularly Black workers inside the country.

From the beginnings of 1972 to the present period, South Africa has been hit by a series of strikes by Black workers shaking the very foundations of the economy and White minority rule in the country.

Despite the fact that all strikes by Black workers are illegal in South Africa, in 1973 alone, police were called to 261 strikes, 46 labour disputes and 16 partial stoppages The most effective opposition being presented to the apartheid regime is that of the Black Consciousness Movement which has been working towards the solidarity of all the oppressed people.

The Black Consciousness Movement comprises:
  • the South African Students Organisation. (SASO)
  • the Black People's Convention. (BPC)
  • the Black Community Programme. (BCP)
  • Black Allied Workers' Union. (BAWA)
  • and the Cultural Committee (CULCOM) which is made up of various drama and theatre groups.

The Black consciousness movement has made vast progress over the past six years and despite very many leaders being banned, jailed, forced into exile, continues to flourish inside the country. The Movement completely rejects apartheid and all apartheid institutions.

At a Black Renaissance Convention held at Hammanskraal in December, 1974, delegates declared:

"We dedicate ourselves towards striving for a totally united and democratic South Africa, free from all forms of oppression and exploitation. A society in which all people participate fully in the government of the country through the medium of one man one vote. A society in which there is an equitable distribution of wealth and an auti-racist society."

Henry Isaacs

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