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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Issue 8. April 1976]

Moons Backer was a War Criminal

Moons Backer was a War Criminal

Amongst Moon's foreign backers is Sasagawi Ryoichi, founder and head of the World Karate Association. Now one of Japan's leading financiers, Ryoichi was a leading advocate of imperial expansion in the 1930's and an architect of Japan's wartime strategy. After the war he was jailed as a war criminal. Ryoichi admits openly that he helped fund the anti-Sukarno coup in Indonesia in 1965 in which between 500,000 to one million people were butchered by Suharto's forces. Many tens of thousands still remain in concentration camps, subjected to inhuman torture.

Photo of a man holding up a banner written in blood

Paid to write in their own blood.

If the Moonists confined themselves to their nonsensical religious ideas, they would do little harm - Moon's irrational theology would appeal only to a tiny minority. However, the Unification Church's energies are directed against communism, which Moon regards as the embodiment of Satan on earth. One of the local Moonists stated on TV1 that 'the Unification Church is education against communism.'

Moon himself was an active supporter of US aggression in Indochina. Recently his local converts demonstrated in Wellington's streets against New Zealand re recognition of the governments of liberated Cambodia and Vietnam.

Moon's success shows that the combination of big business, fascism, anticommunism and pseudo-Christianity is a powerful one. Within a very short space of time he has built his church into a multimillion dollar international enterprise in this he has been aided by blind anti-communism produced by the Cold War amongst some of the youth.