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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Issue 8. April 1976]

A Supporter of Fascism

A Supporter of Fascism

The most disgusting aspect of Moonism is the support Moon gives to fascism in south Korea. The south Korean people have been reduced to utter poverty. They work ten hours a day, six days a week for about 35 cents a day in the factories. They suffer large-scale unemployment. Inflation has meant that for most working class families rice takes more than half their income. Worst of all, the south Korean people have been stripped of all their democratic rights Any kind of protest against Pak's fascism is met with armed repression, torture and death.

Moon takes an active part in this repression as early as 1962, Prime Minister Kim Jong Pil, then head of the Korean CIA, assured the first small group of American Moonists of his full - but secret - support at a meeting in a South Francisco hotel. Moon's machine tool factory supplies the south Korean army with parts for M-16 rifles.

During the recent anti-communist rallies in south Korea, in which Moon's organisations took a leading role, youths were paid to slit open their stomachs and write anti-communist slogans in their own blood. The rallies were staged by the Pak regime as part of its lying propaganda campaign to show that north Korea was about to invade the south.

One of Moon s training centres, located just outside Seoul, gives anticommunist training courses to hundreds of south Korean military officers and civil servants each year. In these courses, paid for by the Pak regime, they learn that Satan governs north Korea, and that the economic and political domination of south Korea, mainly by the United States and Japan, is part of a divine plan.