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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Issue 8. April 1976]

Rule by Stealth

Rule by Stealth

The Executive this year have shown a slightly paranoic tendency to go into closed committee at the drop of a controversy.

Last Wednesday's Executive meeting was no exception when Steve Underwood moved that the meeting do so. No reasons were given. All that is known is that the two remaining pieces of business at that stage were The Office and The Staff.

In the light of the Goodall affair this manoeuvre seems unfortunate and does not provide much encouragement to the feeling that the Student executive be made answerable to the student body.

The religious fervour raised up by the Moonist 'invasion' of the Executive Boardroom continued on Wednesday night when on the crest of the wave appeared a student representing the Christian Science group applying for club affiliation.

After parrying an attempted lunge by Steve Underwood (who asked whether the group had anything different to offer) he found himself sinking in the quagmire of the Constitution.

There must be twenty paying Association members as signatories on the application form. The Christian Science group had only about ten, with the remainder being those of graduates interested in joining the club.

His genuine attempt to get 20 genuine signatories looks positively refreshing. Usually, signatures are those of assorted diehards in the Cafe.

Gyles Beckford threw him a lifeline and sympathy, suggesting he come back next time with the appropriate changes.

Aagaard on the Mat

Four other club affiliation applications were unaccompanied by anyone representing those clubs. So Secretary Peter Aagaard was chastised for wasting the Executive's time.

If students wish to know what the Association does with their money, attend an Executive meeting.

Under 'Reports' Peter Aagaard reported a sum of money was stolen from the office safe The problem he said was that the keys issued had been made available to other people. He told the meeting security has now been tightened up.

Mysterious Book on Catholicism

A mysterious gentleman called D.J. Beswick received permission from the Association to sell a certain publication in the Studass foyer.

It is entitled 'A look at Catholic Action and the N.Z. Political Scene'. He confessed it would be controversial.

Polytech Heavies Present

It was a welcome relief to see a couple of new faces at the meeting.

They were the Polytech Students President and Liaison officer, present as a result of a visit to Polytechnic sometime previous by our Tony Ward.

Their keen eyes were seeking expertise and guidance on the running of social functions and the like with a view to closer liaison between the two institutions.

President Gyles Beckford commented that it was good to have an increasing liaison between the two institutions, especially in the light of recent resurrected interest in NUS (National Union of Students).

When the meeting went into closed committee I accepted my redundancy quietly and left with visions of becoming a famous investigative reporter.

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