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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Issue 8. April 1976]

All Quiet on the SRC Front

All Quiet on the SRC Front

By this stage interests were rather flagging, so for the next motion a rather half-hearted debate culminated in the chair having to urge those present to actually vote at all.

The motion proposed the redrawal of the Asian Students' Association Boundaries to exclude the Middle East, thus obviating any more debate on the subject and also allowing for better administration of an area that at the moment stretches half-way round the world. It was admitted that if this motion was introduced by New Zealand at ASA, it would not even find a seconder.

However it was generally agreed that simply making a political statement is important in itself (or else why would SRC be passing motions week after week?).

A motion on Women's Studies courses involved a similar discussion of tactics. At the moment the course is treated rather contemptuously by the University Administration - there is no provision for salaries, expenses or library space.

The motion deplored this and also called for further courses, particularly a segregated course for women only to help them understand and fight their oppression. It was stressed that this apparently sexist proposition was a temporary but necessary expedient; an all-women group would provide an atmosphere in which it would be easier for women to come to terms with their own conditioning. Everybody agreed with the idea, but some felt such an open statement of political viewpoint would simply alienate the Administration.

Again we decided its important to stick up for a principle, even if you think nobody is going to listen.