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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Issue 8. April 1976]

Two Functions of Studass

Two Functions of Studass

Which brings us to the rub of the question - the role of the Association, and of SRC in that. As I see it, the students association has two basic functions to fulfill. These are to do things effectively for students, and to do things well with students.

In the first respect, with one major and tragic error, we are operating smoothly. The bookshop is turning over exceptionally well; the cafe has improved considerably; social events have been well attended; Sasrac is booming; and the films are very popular. Individuals queries and requests for help are sorted out reasonably competently. (What for all those letters of protest now!).

Photo of a group of students

SRC has a function in checking up on these aspects, and in seeing that its own administration (particularly student representatives) operates effectively. Aside from this stuff being boring to most, SRC's more important function is a political one. Doing things with students. And that's where we've fallen down in a big way.

It's not just a function of the rhetoric or 'cliquishness of the leadership. If students in general saw SRC as an effective forum for political debate or action, then the meetings would improve dramatically. At the moment clearly you don't.

Just as its very easy to become bureaucratic in student politics, so its very easy to become arrogent about "apathetic students' Both tendencies must be struggled against. "Apathetic students" obviously do have attitudes, strong often, on assessment, on racism, on sexism, on nuclear power. Sure these attitudes could be developed, crystallised through debate. But doesn't that go for all of us?