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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. [Volume 39, Issue 8. April 1976]

What's where During Capping

page 5

What's where During Capping

Capping has traditionally been a time for drunken revelry, terrorising the locals and generally having a good time. Those of us who have been around for 4-5 years will be able to tell you all about the good old bad old days of Capping. But those days are gone and we now have the good old now days.

The now days Capping program is brought to you by the Studass Executive and promises more and better than last year. There is something for everyone in Capping and if you want to get anything out of it you must participate.

What's On

'Flop Flop (to be taken orally)'

Capping Revue - Monday to Thursday 8pm, Friday and Saturday 8pm and 11pm. Memorial Theatre.

Admission $1.50 students - $2.00 others.

The best Capping Revue yet - music, dancing, hard hitting satire guaranteed to wake you up after a long boreing term at University. Come and hear things you've never heard on stage before and we defy you not to blush!


top - Mark Cuby;

next - Mary Regan, Christopher Ransome;

bottom - Deborah Guthrie (director), Robert Langton, Cashy Haig;

others - Gerard Winter and Phil.

Capping Stunts

To be judged and implemented during Capping Week. The Capping Committee shall judge.

Prizes for Originality - Ball Ticket

and Publicity - Ball Ticket

A Cappint Stunt must be distinguished from the treasure hunt. The Stunt generally do not involve the kidnapping or borrowing of any [unclear: chatels], rather it is directed more at misdirection of the public by way of general pranks

eg taking over the Brian Edward Talk back show.

and a door to door survey in Glenmore street registering objections to the second airport being in the Botanical gardens.

All stunts must be registered and approved at the Studass office before the stunt eventuates, so the VUWSA can accept some legal responsibility.

Monday 26 April

12.00 Drinking Horn

New Zealand Breweries is pleased to be associated with this event and once again has come across with very generous sponsorship.

Tennis Courts -

Men's 7oz 1st Prize: Ball Ticket (double)
Men's Jug 1st Prize: Ball Ticket (double)
Women's 7oz 1st Prize: Ball Ticket (double)

No registration is required for above events, just front up! You have to compete to get a drink. All timing will be done on electronic timing devices for the above events, accurate to 1/1000th of a second.

In addition there will be faculty drinking races which law faculty will undoubtedly win. Two teams per faculty allowed.

This year we are having a 'Special Events Race' whereby any sports team, flat, boarding hostel etc may enter. The team must consist of 6 members who will each drink a 7oz. You must register for this event, naming your team, by Friday 23rd April 5pm at the Studass Office.

If time permits there will be medley races, 7oz, ½ pint, pint, jub (4 man teams), and selected drinkers will be called on to participate in 2 'Oxford 8's' before play is stopped due to failing light.

4-6pm SASRAC: Cheapest piss in town available in the Cafe.
8.30pm Capping Hop - There has been a slight change of plan and the Heartbreakers will be returning tonight to provide some of the best dancing and drinking music available. Entry is $2.50 which gives you: 4 cans DB Double Brown or 6 nips.
Thereafter for $2 you get 4 cans or 6 nips Last year Capping Hop was the best for years so don't miss this one.

Tuesday 27 April

1.00pm Chunda Mile - Boyd Wilson Field.
That shabby student activity the Chunda Mile is back in all its degenerate glory in Capping 76. The fearless competitors as well as drinking 4 pints, eating 2 pies, must run a mile and negotiate many hazardous obstacles. As a spectator sport the Chunda Mile is unsurpassed and has been so since Roman times. Technicolour yawns etc are guaranteed. Competitors are limited to 20 and they must register by 5.00pm Monday 26th April in the Studass Office.
All competitors must run 4 laps, eating ½ pie and drinking a pint between each. Anybody chundering in the first 3 laps will be disqualified. All competitors must wear shorts and singlets.
This event is sponsored by New Zealand breweries and The Kelburn Park Store are providing beer and the pies.
Prize: 1st home wins a Double ticket to the Capping Ball.
Afterwords Alf's Imperial Army Fights the forces of evil anti-imperial idealists (spectators included).
2.15pm Film: "Fistfull of Dollars" Memorial Theatre. Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Kief star in this spaghetti western which launched Eastwood to stardom.
4-7pm SASRAC in the Cafe.

Wednesday 28 April

Bursary is paid today - we hope this is not a stunt.

2.15pm Film "Every Home Should Have One" Starring Marty Feldman and Shelly Berman. Memorial Theatre.
4-6pm SASRAC
8.30pm Whitbread Windup. Leopard Breweries, producers of the Whitbread brand, have generously agreed to sponsor this function. The Country Flyers will provide the music and Whitbread the beer. Admission is $2.50 which gives you 4 cans Whitbread (16oz) or 6 nips.
Thereafter $2 will give you 4 cans or 6 nips. Bursary comes out today so come along and spend some of it with Midge and the boys.

Thursday 29 April

10.00am Treasure Hunt - Rankine Brown Courtyard'.

1st prize - Ball ticket

2nd prize - 5 SASRAC tickets

Most original entry - 5 SASRAC tickets.

A person of high regard in public life will be called on to judge the entries.

All entries must be registered by Tuesday 27th of April 5pm at the Studass Office.

All entries must turn up at Rankine Brown Courtyard by 10am.

The Treasure Hunt merely involves the borrowing of some unusual and interesting article, and entering it.

Past entries have included:


Tip Top Truck

An aborted Wallaby Foetus

One of Mat Rata's comics

A circus elephant

Your entry must be able to be brought to the Rankine Brown Courtyard. If not it may be best to enter it in the Capping Stunts.

2.15pm Films 'Khartoum' starring Charlton Heston, Laurence Olivier, Richard Johnson and Ralph Richardson.
4-7pm SASRAC
8.15pm Union Hall: An End of Term Rock 'n Roll Reunion Concert -
Starring: Larry Morris, Tommy Adderley (ex Headband), Jimmy & Jets - from Auckland (includes ex members of Headband, Tamberlaine and Ticket. And The Moon Music Horns.
Tickets $2 available from Studass Office - An NZSAC presentation.

Friday 30 April

1.30pm Raft Race: we are going to combine typical student shabbiness and degeneracy with seamanship. We are not hijacking the Rangatira but rather we are taking to the water of Oriental Bay in rafts, bathtubs, water-beds or anything that is homemade and floats.
So get your flat, drinking school, or hostel mates together and build a raft. Rafts can be built of either 44 gal drums or tyre tubes. Drums are available for $1 each from Grant Paints at the bottom of Ngauranga Groge.
Competitors should note that teargas, petrol bombs, guns, chains etc are a no-no.
The Mayor, Micheal Fowler is the official starter and judge of the best novelty entry.
Prizes: 1st 10 dozen beer
2nd 4 dozen beer
4 best novelty raft - 4 dozen beer
First woman's crew home gets 2 dozen

(what paternalistic crap - I think women should boycott this event - Typesetter)

Each entry receives 1 dozen.

Afterwards there will be liquid refreshments at 15 or so establishments between Oriental Bay and the University.

8.00pm Sports Council Blues Dinner - tickets from Studass Office.

Saturday 1 May

8.00pm Capping Ball: The Capping Ball is the final event of Capping Week and will be a ripper. For the paltry sum of $18 double we, in our infinite wisdom, have seen fit to provide a sumptuous meal (prepared by the one and only Gerry Borens), wine, boundless supplies of numerous alcoholic beverages and music by Tapestry with special guest Larry Morris.
The Ball will be preceded by a bubbly half-hour downstairs in the Cafe at 8.00pm which will be guaranteed to put you on the right track for a great night out.