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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Issue 3. 15th March [1976]



Ranginui Walker, writing in the Listener (14 6 75) said that the hidden cost suffered by the European majority who were victors in the conflict with the Maoris over the land was a legacy of Maori resentment which, although covert, would become increasingly overt as the young people were better educated and acquainted themselves with the facts of our colonies history.

The resentment he wrote about was obviously present at last weeks forum but I am uncertain whether this resentment was preceded by a thorough knowledge and greater acquaintence with our colonial history'

The emotional aspect is totally involved in the issue but on its own it is directionless. It is so necessary for the movement to match 'fact for fact' if possible those people who question what Matakite present as the situation regarding Maori land past and present.

At present the emotional elements of frustrations, anger and resentment are substantially reflected in the methods used by the protesters They must be subdued (for the good of their cause) and must step aside for sensibly reasoned arguments, supported by evidence which is thoroughly researched.

There is no word for Mickey Mouse in Maori to my knowledge; and I for one do not see the need for there to be one if they can see the value of knowing what they are about if they believe they represent the Maori people then let them do so responsibly. Their cause and the ideal which underlies it is too important to be lost in emotions which can only drain the spirit.

Leigh Thomson