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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Issue 3. 15th March [1976]

EXEC Report

EXEC Report

The Executive seemed unperturbed by the no-confidence motion hanging over their heads as they carved their way through another Monday night's work.

Sports Officer Peter Thrush looked as though he would be the latest person up for the chop when he wasn't present for the opening of the meeting (He hadn't attended any executive meetings so far this year.) However, after apologising for his late arrival, and upon giving a very eloquent speech on how he had battled through wind, hail and snow to get to the other meetings, he was let off with a warning.

Remnants of the Goodall Affair were still present to add a slight touch of unease to the meeting. President Gyles Beckford said there had been five applicants for the office manager's position, four of which had been interviewed by himself and Peter Aagaard (Association secretary).

Treasurer Mike Curtis, who was the third person on the appointments committee, complained that he hadn't been notified of the times and places of any of these interviews.

Steve Underwood backed him up: 'To leave out the treasurer is a bit piss poor!'.

Peter Aagaard: 'Yes, it was a slight oversight.'

Steve Underwood: 'A slight oversight.. ...for fucks sake!'.

Gyles leapt in with his usual peacemaking charm and diverted everyone to a discussion on security for the rock concerts. The 'Waves' concert (attended by a capacity audience) was discussed after Peter Aagaard suggested there was a need for five security guards, rather than four, to make sure that the union building could be sealed off once the Union Hall was full. Peter is drafting future policy for rock concerts and asked anyone who had any ideas to come and see him.

Fee Exemptions

Still smiling approvingly at the success of his diversion, Gyles presented applications for exemption from Students' Association fees. 'I have here 2½ typed letters, a cheque for $15 and newspaper clipping of the last executive meeting.'

Students' Association policy says that the executive can only exempt students from paying studass fees in cases of severe financial hardship. Therefore a request from Professor Young of the Industrial Relations Centre asking for exemptions for his students (who only attend the university for six weeks of the year) was not accepted.

The other 1½ requests were dealt with - one was exempted and the other was not. Anthony Ward suggested that there be an investigation into the whole exemption question. He thought it should be discussed at the Annual General Meeting after reports on the situation at other universities had been considered.

Top Secret Reports

Executive members are always eager to tell everyone about all the work they have been doing, so when Gyles gave the signal, they tore into it. Scott Wilson was the fastest off the mark, reporting that he was streamlining the paying of rentals on each of the Association fiats. He is currently doing a tour of each flat, informing the tenants of the new system.

Cultural Affairs Officer Anne Dwyer, said that the Split Enz and Sonny Terry/ Brownie McGhee tours had exceeded their budgetted earnings, which will give Student Arts Council a boost for future promotions.

Ever efficient SRC Co-ordinator, Anthony Ward, has been finishing the SRC policy report and will present it to SRC on Wednesday. Gyles Beckford, on the other hand, is negotiating with the Wellington Student Teachers' Association on a proposal to allow students enrolled in two tertiary institutions only to pay one students' association fee.

Not to be outdone Anthony Ward donned his Films Controller hat and reported that attendances at union films so are had been steady, reaching a peak of 250 at 'Let It Be' (the highest attendance last year being just over 100). Apparently the showing of late-night horror films is being investigated.

Anne Dwyer made another [unclear: reappearance] in the form of Orientation Controller, for which she was given the princely sum of $50. It seems that apart from complaints about the South Pacific beer at the hop, orientation week was generally a success. (If you disagree, write to Salient. - Ed).

Bookshop Ahoy

Finally, vice-president Steve [unclear: Underwo] made a few comments on the running of the Association's bookshop. It seems to be good news all the way with an estimated above budget figure of $59,000 in takings for February.

Gyles suggested that more ordinary, common, grass-roots students should be elected to the board of the Victoria Book Shop. Despite opposition from Mike Curtis, who thought the board was running quite efficiently as it was, it was agreed that this should be done.

The meeting then petered out to a rather dismal close, as thoughts of Monty Python urged the executive to rush over considerations of car parks, cash registers and executive photographs, and dash off into the darkness.