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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Issue 3. 15th March [1976]

Questions Asked

Questions Asked

One student questioned the workload - only to be met with the lecturer's comment that as the student wasn't aware of the exact requirements, he couldn't question it (true, the information given was very vague). Another student asked whether student opinion would be considered - the lecturer admitted student opinion was irrelevant.

All men are equal — but some men are lecturers.

After the lecture several dissatisfied students decided to call a student meeting. Two students then volunteered to ask the lecturer to devote the next lecture to discussing the workload as this would be the last chance of changing the course requirements. (workloads and means of assessment can't be changed after the second week of term).

The students found to be satisfactory those comments he made that were actually relevant to the workload. When the students pointed out that Georgraphy 301 had a much lighter workload he claimed this was because Geography 301 also included a field trip. This is not relevant because a field trip is compulsory to all students majoring in Geography and as such is just as much part of the Geograpjy 303 course.

Three short essays, he claimed, wouldn't take very long, as he overlooked the fact that it is the research that takes time not writing essays out! Furthermore he told the two students that he had only intended them to do one siminar (he clearly said two at the first lecture). This sort of confusion wouldn't arise if students were given a handout with terms requirements, deadlines, and assessment method clearly outlined.