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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Issue 3. 15th March [1976]

Ward's Experiences

Ward's Experiences

One alternative to getting rid of Mrs Goodall was to give her a month to improve her work and conduct. Tony gave a couple of examples of this from his own experience. Both times, he said, it failed dismally, with work going at half-pace during the month. He felt this justified not trying it since the month-long period would have been mid-February to mid-March, which was an important period in the Association's year.

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Collection of photos of the Exec talking

Post cards of the Hanging

Another alternative would be to have a full scale inquiry, which, he felt, would have created more tensions than already existed. 'People working in the office would know they were working with people who considered them liars.' Anthony had spoken to Mrs Goodall about the matter and said the interview had not been easy for either of them.

The Exec was in a position where they had to decide who they believed and who they didn't. So they decided. Tony then paraphrased his speech a couple of times and sat down.