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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Issue 3. 15th March [1976]

The Godfather Confesses

The Godfather Confesses

Hard on the heels of Rae Mazengarb came Steve Underwood, Man Vice-President. He moved the original motion that Mrs Goodall be dismissed and had two more reasons ready to back up his actions. The first was the employment of the telephonist. Mrs Goodall was exceeding her office in doing this, he said, and did not have the approval of the Executive.

He thought that the $90 per week wage was excessive considering that the typist received $85 and another employee, older than the telephonist and with a more 'wide-ranging' job, received $88. Mrs Goodall had taken the whole matter into her own hands then presented the 'package-deal' to Exec, with an added financial commitment of $2500 per year.

Steve's second reason was an extension of the financial objection. In 1975 $15,250 was paid out in wages by the Association. The projected figure for 1976 was $18,500 rising to $19,000 after a 3% wage increase - overall, a 25% increase on the 1975 figure. According to Steve, $19,000 is not justifiable and a serious look had to be taken at the situation.

In his opinion Mrs Goodall's work did not justify the slice of it that she received, and as an example he told us how she had taken over a year to settle the accounts for a pantomime and a revue, finally finishing only a week before auditing. He said that 'reorganization' of the office was started with Mrs Goodall's dismissal, and that Exec was acting in the best interests of the Association.