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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Issue 3. 15th March [1976]

President Admits Hiring

President Admits Hiring

Next Gyles Beckford, esteemed President, after nearly being booted out of the Chair, told how he had dissented strongly to the motion. He said it was a complete denial of justice, because although a few office workers were involved, the finger had been pointed at just one.

He said he didn't think Tony Ward's objections to holding an inquiry were insurmountable, and that the Exec had been too quick to forget principle resulting in an unjust decision. Gyles said that in her three years as office manager Mrs Goodall had worked 'efficiently, diligently, and loyally.'

He said he was unaware of any character assassination she was supposed to be doing, which, if it was occurring, should have been brought to the President's (i.e. his) notice immediately. Even though he was a good friend of Mrs Goodall's he would still have sharply divided friendship from business.

Now came a crunch. Gyles said it was actually he who suggested hiring a telephonist, even the particular woman. She has apparently worked for the Association before, was a good worker, and was unemployed. So the President did know of it how come Exec didn't? The arrangement was firm for the first term only. Gyles finished by saying that although we live in a capitalist system, we need not adopt its worst aspects. He disagreed with the motion at the time, still did, but would stand responsible with the Exec.

After that, Mike Curtis, Treasurer, said that Gyles had not said that he had given Mrs Goodall permission to hire the telephonist because Mike had specifically asked him. (How can we expect office staff to be open and honest with Exec when Exec members are not honest with each other?). Mike said that the office manager always discussed hiring staff with the Treasurer. In this case she didn't, and when Mike disagreed she told the new telephonist, 'Don't worry about Mike, he's just under Steve's influence.

After Mike finished, questions came from the floor. The few that were asked only resulted in parts of various speeches being repeated.