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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Issue 3. 15th March [1976]

Salient Notes

Salient Notes

Once again my friends, because we know you love this bit of the newspaper so much, we bring you, never before seen (and in a different hand), 1976's third

Image of a typewriter

Having watched Monty Python last week in trooped the Salient staff one after another doing very bad take-offs of the skits that they had seen. Each person got progressively worse. For instance Ryall, masquerading as the editor, ran in, fell over the light table nearly decapitating Gary Henderson in the process. Having regained his composure he grabbed a ruler from Rachel Scott and Judith Ting and pointed it at Anthony Ward, Lynn Peck, Lionel Klee and Leonie Morris - 'Hand over all your lupins' cries Ryall. Don't be silly John', was the collective reply. 'We haven't got any lupins only stories for this issue of Salient written by Lindy Cassidy, Mike Stevens and Kevin Swann.' Now Ryall has always been confused by anything more complex than lupins and unfortunately he couldn't cope with this new idea. In rushed Rose Desmond, Mike Stevens, and David Murray in peasant costumes and dragged the screaming lupin addict from the room. Pope Eric found a relevant text from the good book but was told to stuff it by John Henderson who claimed that James Robb and Gerard Couper were the only true messiahs. Don Carson shifted his bunch of lupins to an inside pocket, only to have them stolen 5 minutes later by Rod Prosser who said that he could do Monty Python imitations as well as anyone else and then fell through the floor under a 16 ton weight. Meanwhile back at the lupin patch Chris Wilson, Ann Elborn, Derek Fikkers, and Alison Bartlett were pouring over the latest batch of rat recipes brought up for publications by Susan Arndt. 'Totally unacceptable', was the verdict until Warwyck Dewe came in and told them of a new way to advertise them. Pat Bartle said that she would refuse to typeset them unless Lindsay Wright, sometime student politician and now a member of the feared Victoria University Highway Robbers Association, handed over all his valuables to Gyles Beckford. It was left to Petra van den Munckhof dressed up as a door to door lupin salesperson and erstwhile lumberjack to tidy up all the loose ends and send them off to Wanganui Newspapers for printing, who sent them back for Gerard van Bohemen to distribute.

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