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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Issue 3. 15th March [1976]


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Letters can be handed in at the letterbox just inside the Salient office or handed in to the editor personally. However if you wish to pay 8c postage then send your letters to PO Box 1347, Wellington. Letters should be double spaced and on one side of the paper only.

Questions for $30.50

Dear Editor,

I paid my $30.50 (Stud.Ass.Fee) for this year and learnt sometime last year of the VUWSA's decision to take over the Sweet and Maxwell Bookstore which has since been renamed Victoria Book Centre Ltd.

I do not object to the association's move per se to have an enterprise of its own in the form of a bookshop.

Since student money is involved in the Victoria Book Centre I would like to know exactly how the association's book centre is being run.

At the SGM, Wednesday 10th March the Vice-President said that he saw it fit to discuss the former office manager because she was being paid too much in relation to the job that had to be done. If feat that people who work in the book centre, and who come under the association's jurisdiction (and who may not have a bill of rights like the VUWSA's office staff) may incur the wrath of certain capitalist roaders of the VUWSA's Executive.

In this regard I would like the President to reply to the following in his weekly column in Salient:
i)How many people are employed in the Victoria Book Centre?
ii)What are the respective wages of these individuals?
iii)Who hires and fires staff at the Book Centre?
iv)Is any one person in overall charge of the day-to-day running of the Victoria Book Centre?
v)Is the Book Centre being run on a profit or break-even basis?
viDoes any member of the Executive make money from the bookshop?
vii)Will the committee formed at the SGM on the 10th March have the authority to formalise realtionships between the workers in the bookshop and the employers on the Executive.

I trust the President will give me an answer to each of my questions. If I don't get an answer then SRC is not too far away and the Executive could be in for crisis No.2

Yours sincerely,


Z - K Mugmouth Sputin's Mate

Dearest Ed,

If you are still alive, you may well be interested to discover that I am appalled to see that A-K Mugmouth - Sputin is out on parole. Life sentences are just not what they used to be. This release from capitivity may be Mouthwash-Spasm's greatest con and thereby something to regard with awe; it is also an abomination. As such it is on a par with Auschwitz and Rita Hayworth's silicone jobs of 1957. Worse still, it appears that our degrading and gruesome penal system did nothing to discourage Malodorous-Spike's compulsion to air his turgid and obscene views on academic fidelity.

In 1957, Moronic-Spike was found guilty of attempting to assassinate the vice-chancellor of North-Western. His defence counsel argued long, and to no avail, that the said gentleman sold Chicagoan structutalism (the linquistic variety) to a 'pack of French buggers' (presumably Levi-Strauss et al). For fifteen years the ghastly Masquerade- Spine was languishing in Wanganui's Deer Park. Then two years ago, and a mere six months after the termination of this rigorous sentence, Mud-eye-Spawn was given life at the Old Bailey. This was expected, as, on June 3 1974, the amoeba-minded Mapping Spaniel destroyed the east wing of Magdalen College, because 'it perpetrated the Edocrine Heresy'. But it seems that justice is always open to exploitation, and an old master, such as Myopia-Spanking, will pervert its course.

That is why I abominate your printing of that absurd missive and insist you make no effort to answer his ridiculous question.

Yours faithfully,

— Mort Derther.

(abridged - Ed)

I Dig that Rock Man!


On noticing that the Wgtn Public Library is shortly to extend its record library to include Rock and Jazz, I decided to write to try and find out what chance there is of the Uni Library doing likewise.

The selection of classical and literature-type records caters for the 'serious' music student, but I'm sure the majority of students get little use from this service.

A record library which provides only for the needs of a select few is an extravagance to say the least. Rock, Jazz, Blues etc records should all be included, along with a selection of music from different cultures.

This would interest a much wider range of students, and maybe encourage them to broaden and diversify their musical tastes.

— Music Lover

Marx, Gish and the SAL

Dear John,

The noisy buggers who assume the nom-deguerre of Socialist Action Leaque (or whatever) forget the C.I.A.'s inevitable place in the class struggle. They are the enemy within, and as such are a scourge to be exposed, but they are also the identifiable enemy or totem of the bourgeois.

As Pallenberg says 'The Papal Gendarmes represent the real police force of the Vatican City. The minimum required height is 1.75 metres, but the men are usually much taller. They are all Italians'. This is the C.I.A. in microcosm.

The Papal Gendarme is over 1.75 metres and is Italian and is easily identifiable as the real policeman. So, anyone set upon overwhelming the Vatican by military encounter would go for these guys, not the post office workers etc. So with the C.I.A. Their presence is necessary to ensure their liquidation etc.

This may not be ovious at a glance. But consult Kapital:-

Her looks assisted her enormously. She had very precisely defined lips, the upper one of which sat like a long lid over a much smaller lower one and increased the wistfulness of her features. Her eyes have always had the effect of a baby's - they seem disproportionately large for the face in which they are st.

In figurative language, the same preoccupations appear. Sex, identity and revisionism. As Gerald Brady, the freelance provacateur exposed by Fyson et al, once wrote:-

'Marx's prognosticate infatuation with Lilian Gish gave rise to some of the most piercing analyses of capitalism in decay. In Gish, the great thinker saw an income and an exploitative of labour demand against goods withdrawal. But, more significantly, it was as a paradigm of the withered capitalist [unclear: ethir] that Marx most appreciated Gish, as she invited every censure, so easy to aim for the prominence of the target" So with the C.I.A.


— Leon Vitalis

Under Investigation

Dear Sir,

The hunt for the Quisling in the ranks of the university academics is narrowing down. It is now established beyond reasonable doubt that the man concerned with turning in the list of the Rowling supporters to the Tamaki Tomcat is a respected member of the Arts Faculty.

Yours sincerely,


A Letter from Someone who didn't Taste Last Year's Coffee

Dear Sir,

I was discussing what I should write a letter to the Editor about, with a couple of friends when I took a sip (thank god) of my Lily cup of 'coffee'.

This all happened in the cafe about 11.15am and we all commented on the shitty flavour (torrid is a better word). It tastes similar to mollasses (no, not even that nice).

It must have been perked at least 10 times, possibly 9 too many.

I hope the cafe caterer gets pissed off with this letter, cause I'm pissed off with my coffee. After 50 minutes of pol sci I look forward to a good cup of coffee.

Signed instantly,

— Cafe'noir.

Moscow Times or Peking Periodical?


May we firstly suggest that you find a new name Salient as, after reading this week's issue, we are convinced it should have one something like 'the Moscow Times' or the 'Peking Periodical'. Some of the last years stuff was bad enough, but the almost blatant left-wing bias in this weeks issue was just pure unadulterated crap.

Starting with Mr Ward's criticism of Muldoon's mini-budget - this must be the best one-sided article in years. For a start, the budget was planned by Muldoon - and his economic 'think tank' committee (which consists of over half a dozen experienced economists and such). Although we are not suggesting that the M.B. was perfect in every aspect (it seemed that this was the opinion of many learned people throughout the country) it certainly had bad points as well as good. Yet Mr Ward, in a true stirring sense, could find no good in it at all. Very strange? (or maybe he is letting political prejudice override rational thoughts?).

On the article regarding the C.I.A. in New Zealand (written by a Young Socialist, I presume) the writer has the cheek to talk of infringement of democratic rights (note no mention of the USSR and Cuban's role in Angola). While we despise any 'spying' whatsoever in New Zealand, it is the virtue of the American system that the CIA has been opened up - but is there any chance of that happening in Russia - not on your nellie. It is just as realistic for the K.G.B. to have been here as the C.I.A.

Last but not least, the tripe about 'National's blackest scheme' surely took the cake. Our only comments are that the writer knows it is such a lot of bullshit that he has even declined to write his name on the article.

Please try and get both sides of the story next time, or you may as well print Salient in red type instead of black.

— G. Kelly


G. Smith.

(Thanks for your criticisms of Salient No. 2. I said in the first issue of the year that the paper 'doesn't pretend to be objective because its reporters have political views (even if many of them remain at the subconscious level)'. The views that you put forward are politically biased too, but it seems that you do not realise this. However, I tend to think that your views lack any real substance to them. You do not say what the 'good points' of the mini-budget were and you do not substantiate (by the presentation of factual material) on why 'National's Blackest Scheme' was 'such a lot of bullshit'. Your comments on the CIA article seem to conclude that as long as someone is honest, it doesn't matter what villainous activities they get up to. Even Catholic theology is not that warped. I invite you to write something for Salient giving the so-called other side, to come along to regular staff meetings, and to help make the student newspaper something that you feel you can identify with - Ed.)

Tickets, what are they?

Dear Salient,

Why the ridiculous 'ticket' system in the downstairs cafe.

1.Wait in a queue (5 mins).

Look at the sandwiches and cakes.

(Behind a screen with the notice; please do not help yourself)

(2 mins).

3.Ask for sandwiches.
4.Told have to pay First and get a ticket. Complain you haven't come for a ticket but for food and wish to be served as you pay.
5.Told will get food only when you have got a ticket. Buy ticket. (3 mins).

Wait again for ticket to be collected.

(5 mins).


Ticket collected.

Again repeat order.

Lady called down other end. (5mins) Returns.

Again repeat order.

(Total - 20 minutes).

8.Leave and write a letter to Salient requesting an explanation for this frustrating inefficient ill-conceived system.
— "please do not help yourself"

Sexual Pervert Terrorism Defeated by Malaysian Student

Dear Ed,

A Malaysian student said today that an SIS- Special Branch (Malaysian Student Dept. W'gtn)- cum sexual pervert-attempt to terrorise him was forcefully thwarted.

The student, who declined to give his name, said this attempt was made over the telephone at about 10:20a.m. in his flat while he was trying to make a sherry trifle for dinner. As he was putting slices of peaches over the unfilled sponge, the phone rang. He answered it, politely saying 'Good morning'. Getting no reply from the other end he enquired 'Hello?' a couple of times. Again there was no response. He immediately concluded that this was one of the typical dastardly tricks used by the departments accused, to terrorise law-abiding people in N.Z.

Without further ado, he put into effect plan X which he had perfected to counter this juvenile delinquency. He emitted a series of bull-frog croaks into the phone until the pervert put the phone down in hurt silence.

The student said that according to psychologists, this method of terrorism was indulged in by frustrated sexual perverts who obtained vicarious pleasure from making obscene phone calls. He claimed that the silent caller was being obscene by calling and then being deliberately quiet over the phone, thus causing the victim discomfort and anxiety.

However the student, fighting back with indomitable spirit and in the name of the peace-loving and working people of the world, thwarted this evil capitalist attempt to cow him.

He did not elaborate why he was accusing the SIS and the Malaysian Special Branch at the Student Department in Wellington, but said that both these agencies have been working together against Malaysians for a long time.


A Reply

Dear John,

I'd like to reply to last week's enquiry from Bruce, Trev etc. On the Thursday before the Split Enz concert, I received a complaint from a student about the I lack of ISIC cards and this concert. I contacted the Director of Student Arts Council and the DIC booking people. We agreed that students could get the concession if they showed their fees receipt.

The reason library ID cards were not acceptable is that the DIC feels they have been abused in the past through non-students getting student concessions. The whole procedure does need improving, and I would be very interested if any of Bruce, Trev or anyone else would help us in working out a better system.

Thanks for the enquiry — I'm sorry we couldn't do any better.

Anthony Ward

SRC Coordinator.