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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Issue 3. 15th March [1976]

Sexual Pervert Terrorism Defeated by Malaysian Student

Sexual Pervert Terrorism Defeated by Malaysian Student

Dear Ed,

A Malaysian student said today that an SIS- Special Branch (Malaysian Student Dept. W'gtn)- cum sexual pervert-attempt to terrorise him was forcefully thwarted.

The student, who declined to give his name, said this attempt was made over the telephone at about 10:20a.m. in his flat while he was trying to make a sherry trifle for dinner. As he was putting slices of peaches over the unfilled sponge, the phone rang. He answered it, politely saying 'Good morning'. Getting no reply from the other end he enquired 'Hello?' a couple of times. Again there was no response. He immediately concluded that this was one of the typical dastardly tricks used by the departments accused, to terrorise law-abiding people in N.Z.

Without further ado, he put into effect plan X which he had perfected to counter this juvenile delinquency. He emitted a series of bull-frog croaks into the phone until the pervert put the phone down in hurt silence.

The student said that according to psychologists, this method of terrorism was indulged in by frustrated sexual perverts who obtained vicarious pleasure from making obscene phone calls. He claimed that the silent caller was being obscene by calling and then being deliberately quiet over the phone, thus causing the victim discomfort and anxiety.

However the student, fighting back with indomitable spirit and in the name of the peace-loving and working people of the world, thwarted this evil capitalist attempt to cow him.

He did not elaborate why he was accusing the SIS and the Malaysian Special Branch at the Student Department in Wellington, but said that both these agencies have been working together against Malaysians for a long time.