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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Issue 3. 15th March [1976]

Moscow Times or Peking Periodical?

Moscow Times or Peking Periodical?


May we firstly suggest that you find a new name Salient as, after reading this week's issue, we are convinced it should have one something like 'the Moscow Times' or the 'Peking Periodical'. Some of the last years stuff was bad enough, but the almost blatant left-wing bias in this weeks issue was just pure unadulterated crap.

Starting with Mr Ward's criticism of Muldoon's mini-budget - this must be the best one-sided article in years. For a start, the budget was planned by Muldoon - and his economic 'think tank' committee (which consists of over half a dozen experienced economists and such). Although we are not suggesting that the M.B. was perfect in every aspect (it seemed that this was the opinion of many learned people throughout the country) it certainly had bad points as well as good. Yet Mr Ward, in a true stirring sense, could find no good in it at all. Very strange? (or maybe he is letting political prejudice override rational thoughts?).

On the article regarding the C.I.A. in New Zealand (written by a Young Socialist, I presume) the writer has the cheek to talk of infringement of democratic rights (note no mention of the USSR and Cuban's role in Angola). While we despise any 'spying' whatsoever in New Zealand, it is the virtue of the American system that the CIA has been opened up - but is there any chance of that happening in Russia - not on your nellie. It is just as realistic for the K.G.B. to have been here as the C.I.A.

Last but not least, the tripe about 'National's blackest scheme' surely took the cake. Our only comments are that the writer knows it is such a lot of bullshit that he has even declined to write his name on the article.

Please try and get both sides of the story next time, or you may as well print Salient in red type instead of black.

— G. Kelly


G. Smith.

(Thanks for your criticisms of Salient No. 2. I said in the first issue of the year that the paper 'doesn't pretend to be objective because its reporters have political views (even if many of them remain at the subconscious level)'. The views that you put forward are politically biased too, but it seems that you do not realise this. However, I tend to think that your views lack any real substance to them. You do not say what the 'good points' of the mini-budget were and you do not substantiate (by the presentation of factual material) on why 'National's Blackest Scheme' was 'such a lot of bullshit'. Your comments on the CIA article seem to conclude that as long as someone is honest, it doesn't matter what villainous activities they get up to. Even Catholic theology is not that warped. I invite you to write something for Salient giving the so-called other side, to come along to regular staff meetings, and to help make the student newspaper something that you feel you can identify with - Ed.)