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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Issue 3. 15th March [1976]

Marx, Gish and the SAL

Marx, Gish and the SAL

Dear John,

The noisy buggers who assume the nom-deguerre of Socialist Action Leaque (or whatever) forget the C.I.A.'s inevitable place in the class struggle. They are the enemy within, and as such are a scourge to be exposed, but they are also the identifiable enemy or totem of the bourgeois.

As Pallenberg says 'The Papal Gendarmes represent the real police force of the Vatican City. The minimum required height is 1.75 metres, but the men are usually much taller. They are all Italians'. This is the C.I.A. in microcosm.

The Papal Gendarme is over 1.75 metres and is Italian and is easily identifiable as the real policeman. So, anyone set upon overwhelming the Vatican by military encounter would go for these guys, not the post office workers etc. So with the C.I.A. Their presence is necessary to ensure their liquidation etc.

This may not be ovious at a glance. But consult Kapital:-

Her looks assisted her enormously. She had very precisely defined lips, the upper one of which sat like a long lid over a much smaller lower one and increased the wistfulness of her features. Her eyes have always had the effect of a baby's - they seem disproportionately large for the face in which they are st.

In figurative language, the same preoccupations appear. Sex, identity and revisionism. As Gerald Brady, the freelance provacateur exposed by Fyson et al, once wrote:-

'Marx's prognosticate infatuation with Lilian Gish gave rise to some of the most piercing analyses of capitalism in decay. In Gish, the great thinker saw an income and an exploitative of labour demand against goods withdrawal. But, more significantly, it was as a paradigm of the withered capitalist [unclear: ethir] that Marx most appreciated Gish, as she invited every censure, so easy to aim for the prominence of the target" So with the C.I.A.


— Leon Vitalis