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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Issue 3. 15th March [1976]

The President Speaks

The President Speaks

No one has come out of the controversy regarding the office manager with any credit. It is a bad and unfortunate affair which has had one benefit - that students are willing to hold the Executive accountable for the decisions that it makes.

For those critics of the Association political processes the meeting on Wednesday was an indication that students are the ones who control the Association. The importance of this principle cannot be over emphasised. At all times it is Association members who are both theoretically and in practice the masters of the Association, and hopefully Wednesday's meeting is an indication that more people are willing to become involved in the running of the Association and shaping its direction

It is to be hoped that we will have more such meetings and interest when issues such as the proposed All Black tour of South Africa and the Middle East conflict come up for discussion The next important item that is coming up is the Annual general Meeting of the Association scheduled for March 31. Apart from the usual discussion of reports and finance there are likely to be motions concerning South Africa. It is as important that students discuss these issues as it is to discuss the behaviour of the Executive.

The role of Salient as a means of examining the Association and the Executive has also been highlighted in this recent affair. Once again cirtics of the relationship between the Executive and Salient has a duty to scrutinise the dealings and decisions that are being made by the Executive.

I am pleased that these trends have shown themselves this early in the year and welcome them since they can lead to a healthier and more lively Association.


Just a few other titbits that have surfaced over the past week

It seems that Mr Les Gandar is still farting around with the Standard Tertiary Bursary. Early this week there will be a long overdue meeting with NZUSA about the proposed regulations and any possible changes to them. However, this meeting should have been held much earlier in the year. The situation at the moment is that the regulations have not been formalised or even finished with yet. The universities have also not been informed as to what is going on especially in regards to the implementation of the old A & B bursary allowances it seems that the first bursary payment which was due to be paid at the beginning of April is likely to be a couple of weeks late. Once again students have suffered because of governmental in-competance and intransigence. No doubt further details will come to light so be read to read the continuing saga of Gandar's [unclear: Ga].

Finally the Education course which I commented on last week with the under — hand class restriction has been amicably resolved. The outcome has been that the university has been forced to run another course with the added cost of employment of a part time tutor. Most students in the course now seem to be reasonably happy and they can remain so knowing that it was only because they were willing to take the initiative and challenge the academics and administration people. There is a further instance of students taking on the powers that are in this issue over a Geography course. How many more similar problems are there lying around waiting to be solved. If you have problems in your courses then don't sit on them, tackle them - you have nothing to lose but your lecturers

— Gyles Beckford

Student Inaction Considered

Hear Bob Scott speak. Lounge, Wednesday, 17th, 5p.m. Bring some food.


The story 'Fighting Against Inflation', on page 2 of last weeks Salient was reprinted from the Clerical Workers' Union newspaper Paperclip.


We need more people to be Youthliners, and will soon be running a selection process (early April).

If you're interested in joining or finding out more, there will be a couple of Youthliners in


from 1-2pm on Wednesday, 17th March, or ring Youthline 721-888