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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, Issue 3. 15th March [1976]

Drama SOC. AGM

Drama SOC. AGM

Drama Society Annual General Meeting

The AGM of the Drama Society was held on Thursday, 4th March, and was well attended by approximately 50 people. The meeting, which was chaired by Anne Dwyer, of the Cultural Affairs Committee, was presented with a well-organised but inconclusive financial report by the out-going Treasurer, Alan Henwood. Although it is difficult to know at present just who are the remaining creditors of the Drama Society from previous years, it seems that we still owe anything up to $700.

The financial report led to a vigorous discussion of the past financial history of the Society, together with suggestions for its progress towards repaying all owing amounts. Such suggestions included applying for a grant from the Cultural Affairs committee.

The latter suggestion was abandoned as it seemed from the size of the meeting that there would be sufficient support from within the Society to administer it efficiently. It was also rejected on the grounds that it might connect the Drama Soc. too closely with the bureaucratic administration of the university.

A report on last year showed that the Society achieved its 1975 aims: to reduce its debt and to maintain an active Drama Society on campus. With a limited number of active members and a few small performances, particularly those held at lunchtimes, last year was a successful one.

A similar policy is to be followed this year; activities, but on a well-supervised budget. More informal involvement is to be the key-note of this year's Drama Soc. not only within the Society but also throughout the university. Lunchtime performances are well-favoured together with informal drama workshops. To implement this policy is a new committee, who will work in closely with monthly meetings of the full Drama Society, aiming at widespread co-operation and involvement.

President: Deborah Guthrie
Secretary: Margaret Scott
Treasurer: Ben Smith
Committee: Jenny Hare
Mark Cubey
Catherine Haig
Jamie Belich
Robin Smart
Susan Arndt

Drama Society is keen to hear from anyone who is in the least interested in Drama, whether in acting, or directing, or even backstage. In addition to this, several workshops are being organised for the next few months, and all interested in participating should come along to the next open meeting of the Drama Society, to be held in the Smoking Hall, 7.00p.m. Monday, 22nd March.

For more information before this meeting, you should talk to Deborah Guthrie, who can be contacted at - 758-668.

The Drama Society noticeboard, carrying many useful (and some useless) scraps of information, can be found on the 1st Floor, Union Building, opposite the Smoking Room.

There are three seminars coming up soon, all of which welcome new drama enthusiasts and should be very worthwhile:

Stage Management Course

Stage Management Course

10-11 April.

Applications close 26 March.

Venue: Unity Theatre, 845-581

Fee: $3.00

Set Design and Costumes

8-9 May.

Fee: $5.00

Residential Weekend

18-20 June.

Schools in Acting and Production

Venue: Tatum Park

For more information on any of these, please get in touch with the President, Deborah Guthrie at 758-668, or any of her committee members (their phone numbers are posted on the Drama Society noticeboard).