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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, No. 1, March 1, 1976


The first 1976 meeting of the Student Representative Council will be held at 12 noon on Wednesday, 3 March in the Union Hall.

Any motions for discussion at this meeting should be handed in to the Students' Association office by 4.30pm Tuesday, 2 March. Any other matters may be brought up as General Business.

— Peter Aagaard. Secretary.

Anthony Ward; interim SRC


What do the letters SRC mean? You've probably seen them floating around from time to time, or heard them as people speak in bated breath. Perhaps once, in a darkened corner, or written on a toilet wall, you discover the truth - SRC signifies the Student Representative Council.

What is SRC? Technically, SRC is the policy making body of the Association. All Students can (and very rarely do) attend meetings, discuss important issues and eat their lunches. Last year over 400 turned up at one meeting to debate policy on abortion. SRC meets once a fortnight at midday on Wednesdays for a couple of hours.

What is SRC? From reading letters to Salient last year (which is an occupational hazard of coming to Victoria) you'd see that it's regarded as a clique, a retirement home for left wingers, or even a Ward self-approved committee! With the exception of the last (which I assure you, is completely untrue), these are outdated as many of the "heavies" have left. So.... it's over to you, you great mass of unwashed students you.

And apart from an extensive advertising campaign, whats to attract you to the first SRC of this year? The lovely harbour views from the Union Hall as you drift far above the mood of debate... ...(violins screeching in background). More seriously there's a bit coming up. We've got to elect some people to various positions as SRC officers, and there's one position on Executive to be filled, as no one stood for it last election. We've also got to accept or reject the general policy report which tells everyone our stand on everything from Education through to Beech Forests to Indochina. Looks like we might need something on Southern Africa.....

je participe tu participes il participe nous participons was participaz

When policy gets passed, it's supposed to be carried out by reps and Exec members. Some of the best bits of last year's SRC's were pouring scorn and derision on silly things done by reps. Its necessary that reps and officer do represent Studass policy properly, so this is a very important function.

The other two things I've heard of so far are a motion which I've written a little piece on next to this verbiage scrapping reps on uni committees and a promise from John Henderson that he's going to be silly (which I suppose isn't too unusual, but I'd better not say tha........)

So on to the positions we've got to fill:

Executive: SRC Co-ordinator.

The post of SRC Co-ordinator was not filled in the Exec, elections last year, so it's up for grabs. The position, in the wise words of Handbook:

"includes the co-ordination of student representatives, the circulation and publication of Students Association policy, and the calling and advertising of SRC. It is a vital position if the Association is to operate smoothly."

So there you are - any more budding bureaucrats around? The first Exec, meeting of this year elected me (i.e. the dreaded Ward) into the position until SRC decided something (which may be one of the silly things to pour scorn and derision on). I'd better not say anything about what a nice guy I am unless it seems like advertising, so on to the SRC officers. (Just by the way, the position has a $300 honorarium).

SRC Officers

These positions are not paid, and involve a fair amount of work. For someone keen on particular interests, and not wishing to get tied up in bureaucracy of attending Exec meetings etc., they're ideal. The fields are wide open for the officers to get students thinking about and mobilising around issues. There are four of the positions:
  • Education Officer
  • National Affairs Officer
  • International Affairs Officer
  • Welfare Officer
Each of the officers has a committee to assist them and get more people interested in running around madly in these fields. Some things they could get into this year include:
  • education - assessment, workloads
  • national - foreign control in N.Z. racism, environment issues.
  • international - the Rugby tour, Southern Africa Liberation movements.
  • welfare - workloads and stress problems, payment for welfare services.

Activities include organising fund-raising, forums, films and writing for Salient. It's very enjoyable and a lot of fun (notice how he ends on a positive note).

Another thing SRC does is to elect student reps. If I have my cunning way, that's something that will cut down a lot. But we'll still have the Union Management Committee, Catering Sub-Committee, and the Publications Board to deal with. For brief run-downs: