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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, No. 1, March 1, 1976



A1 Broad (Otago) started the ball rolling by reporting that he was handling his presidential duties while looking after three other vacant executive portfolios. His education officer was trying to control a desperate accomodation situation by organising a mattress appeal for use in vacant halls handy to the university.

The other constituents' reported similar problems with Don Leonardo (Canterbury) commenting on the resignation of three executive members and John Fry (Waikato) trying to outdo him with a report that he was four short.

Massey, Lincoln, and Victoria had either no substantial accomodation problems, no accomodation officers to report on their substantial accomodation problems, or were involved in other issues, such as the Stapleton affair (see Truth for details), which is the latest concern of Mike Walker (Auckland).

Drawing of faceless people in suits

The meeting next considered John Blincoe's report on his visit to Melbourne to attend the Australian Union of Students' Annual Council. It appears that AUS is mounting a campaign to sell itself to its members, is considering pulling out of the Soviet-dominated International Union of Students, and has set up a committee to investigate the practices and policies of AUS Travel, which has been accused of behaving imperialistically in the Asian region.