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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, No. 1, March 1, 1976

Constituent Representation

Constituent Representation

All the constituent presidents were present for the roll call with the exception of mystery-man Dougall Stewart (Massey), who was said to be living with the vice-chancellor's wife. When he appeared, he refused to comment on the charge, but confirmed the rumour that he was the vice-chancellor's son (more scandal!).

His appearance coincided with round one of the scrap between the presidents and the national officers, initiated when Alistair Broad (Otago) questioned the absence of an agenda item entitled Constituents' reports". John Blincoe replied that the National Executive was not a meeting of constituents' representatives, but was an independent management committee for organising the affairs of NZUSA. A co-ordinated hiss from Don Leonardo (Canterbury) and our own Gyles Beckford launched A1 Broad into a stinging attack on this concept arguing that NZUSA was merely its constituents and should be kept in line with their problems and their desires. He muttered that student affairs was really to do with 'pies and chips in the union', and NZUSA should not cut itself off from this.

At this stage Arts Council chairman and ex-Vic president Lisa Sacksen put the problem in its historical context by explaining that last year the presidents had decided that not enough time was being given to discussion of constituents' problems and so had put a certain time aside for a discussion amonst themselves. However, after several abortive attempts, this procedure died a natural death.

This explanation seemed to appease both sides and so the meeting launched into constituents' reports.