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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, No. 1, March 1, 1976


page 12


Drawing of three dancing people

What? Why? How? When?

In my humble opinion, orientation week is the week that sets things rolling for the rest of the year. It's a time to get out and enjoy yourself have a good time, meet people, and to see just what's offering on campus.

Life at university does not mean work work work all the tune - I know and so do many others who have found a balance between work and the lighter side of life. It's not hard to enjoy varsity and there are plenty of opportunities to have a good time - just look at the programme - there's music - and good music too (if you missed Waves on Friday - don't miss the folk concert, Split Enz or Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee), wine and cheese evening, a hop, and lots more - interesting as well as lighthearted forums etc., etc

So get out and have a good time

— if you do there'll be far greater

things to come

See ya!

— Anne Dwyer

Image of a fly

Monday 1 March:

All day Displays by the Women's Choice Club, the Gym, Hart, the Young Socialists and others in the Main Foyer and on the middle floor, Union Building.

12-2 pm Debate — that the University is an anachronism. Should universities have been buried with the middle ages? Why come to university at all? Express your views from the floor and hear the two teams! Union Hall.

12 - 2 pm Drama Soc present: two hours of surprise — or something! Lounge and smoking room.

4 - 7 pm SASRAC - in the Caf. Ever wondered what Sasrac is, was or might be? Find out today! Tickets at Studass.

7.30 pm The amazing inaugral Folk Concert should not be missed by anyone who appreciates good music. Hear Jade. Paul Metsers and Colin Spiers, Chris Prowse and Gilbert Egdell, Jean McAllister, Marg Leighton and many others. Union Hall.

8.00pm Motorcycle Club night. Smoking Room. Introductory meeting featuring slides from Manfield race day and moto-cross. Refreshments available afterward: All Welcome.

Tuesday 2 March:

All day Displays by the Tramping Club, the Gym, Hart, the Young Socialists, Womens Choice Club and others. Main Foyer (ground floor) and middle floor.

12 - 2 pm Forum: the SIS and the CIA. Hear speakers rubbish these nasty and horrible organisations, organised by the Young Socialists. Lounge and Smoking Room.

12 - 2 pm Debate: 'that this house has confidence in the Government'. Watch the Young Nats battle it out with the Labour Club. Union Hall.

Image of a plane

2 pm "Airport" This high-adventure film stars Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin and others. Be in early: admission by season/term/day ticket only. See Studass.

4 - 7 pm SASRAC in the Caf. Did you find out what this mysterious event is yesterday? If so — see you again; if not find out today. You can have your tea at Sasrac, relax with friends at Sasrac "in typical Kiwi style".

7.30 pm Young Socialists Social, Lounge and Smoking Room.

8 pm Visual Arts and Photo Soc get

together in an unlikely combination for a Wine and Cheese cum Exhibition. Explore their examples of concrete and clay!

Photo of Split Enz


Wednesday 3 March

All day Displays by the Car Club, Young Socialists, Women's Choice Club, Hart and others.

12 noon Watch the amazing Tramping Club jump out of potholes and slither down Easterfieid.

12-2 pm SRC — Student Representative Council. Come and watch the heavies spend all your money and make all the decisions for you. Debate the motion to scrap all student reps on all university committees.

1 - 2 pm Music Soc present a lunchtime concert in the Music Room, Hunter. Just follow the arrows or the music!

2 pm Yes, folks — another Film! This time it's "The Adventures of Barry McKenzie" the first real dinkum Aussie comedy. See Studass for the great money-saving tickets.

4 - 7 pm SASRAC: once again this mysterious form of Kiwi enjoyment appears in the Caf. What can it be?

4.30 - 8 pm SCM Bar-b-que. Outside if fine, Lounge and Smoking Room if wet, if Wellington's weather continues its merry way.

7 - 11pm Car Club 'nite' in the Tennis Pavilion.

7.30pm Law Faculty Welcome, Union Hall.

8 pm Free Barefoot Dance in the Gym. Music (disco) and lighting and who knows what else?

8 pm Don't miss Split Enz in the Town Hall for their one and only concert in Wellington, thanks to NZSAC. Incredibly popular in Australia and now on their way to Britain, this'll be your last chance to see Jeremy and the boys. Be in quick — it's sure to sell out! Bookings at the DIC — students $3.

page 13

Thursday 4 March

Drawing of a man in academic regalia with a beer and cigarette

All day Displays in the Main Foyer and Second Floor by Hart, Women's Choice Club, the Young Socialists Athletics-Harriers and others.

12 - 2 pm Double bill Forum 12 Soapbox: the laugh of the week! Hear well known political commentators expounding their views on N Z society.

1 "In defence of Matakite and those arrested at Parliament". Think for a moment - is it a crime to live in a tent?

12 - 2 pm Yet another Drama Soc surprise ... or something. Lounge and Smoking Room.

1 pm VUW Nurses Society meeting. Theatre Foyer.

2 pm From the Beatles era, another magnificent film: Let it Be. Admission by one of the many tickets available from Studass. Memorial Theatre.

3 pm German students weekly Kaffee-stunde — for those who can't speak German (like the typist) this means lovely German cakes and coffee. German Dept. - 83 Fairlie Terrace

4 - 6 pm SASRAC lets its mystery flow and helps you relax yet again.

5 pm Weight training lecture in the Gym.

6 - 7 pm Rembuden Martial Arts Club display — includes karate and other martial arts. Union Hall.

7 pm Drama Soc AGM; Union Hall

7.30 pm Film "Pioneers" in LB1 from the China Society. In English, with shorts. Admission free, but if you're feeling generous .... Everyone welcome.

8 pm Inaugral Hop in the Caf. Good music. Admission $2, which gives you 5 nips or 5 cans. Non drinkers $1. Reckon Derek's cousin might be there, eh Trev'?

Friday 5 March

Photo of Sonny Terry and Brownie McGee

Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee - Masters of the Blues

Drawing of a man wearing glasses

All day Displays by Hart, Harrier/Athletic Club, the Young Socialists, the Women's Choice Club and others.

12 - 2 pm Te Reo Maori Concert in the Union Hall. Last year this had everyone joining in — see if it happens again!

12 noon, "Last Grave at Dimbaza" the 1 pm film shot secretly in South Africa that everyone should see. In the Memorial Theatre, admission free but if you want to donate, or to join Hart, we'll welcome you. Two screenings.

4 - 6 pm SASRAC in the Caf strikes yet again. Have you been hit by it yet? Tickets from Studass.

5 pm Christian Union Tea, in the Lounge and Smoking Room.

7.30 pm MSA Social in the Union Hall. Admission free! First years especially welcome.

Saturday 6 March

Drawing of a man playing guitar

8 pm in the Union Hall, NZSAC presents Sonny Terry and Brown ie McGee' "two of the greatest per formers and musicians, Blues or otherwise, around today"

Don't miss seeing these masters of the blues who rocked capacity audiences throughout New Zealand in August '74. Tickets from Studass Students $2.50, public $3.50 (both plus booking fee).

Sunday 7 March

7 pm Inaugral Service in the Theatre Foyer.

8.00pm Sonny Terry & Brownie McGee appear again, this time in the Opera House (and not the Town Hall as is written on the orientation programme). If you missed them on Saturday, this is a Must. Bookings at the DIC - students $3.00, public $3.50 (both plus booking fee).

And the Next Week........

Monday 8th March

7.15pm "International Women's Day" celebration! Films on women plus wine and cheese.

All women welcome. Lounge.

7.30pm Squash Club AGM. Lounge and Smoking Room.

Tues March 9.

12-2pm Women's Choice Club Forum. Lounge and Smoking Room.

730 pm. Visual Arts AGM in the Lounge and Smoking Room. Come along if you want to learn a few things about pottery this year.

8 pm. Mad Folk Dancing in the Gym.

Wednesday 10th March

12 noon Calling all Chess fanatics and others - come and watch

Checkmates, the human

Chess match, Rankine Brown

Courtyard if fine. Gym if wet

8.00pm Tramping Club Nite. Lounge.

Thursday 11th March

2.00pm Film - "The Sting" starring

Paul Newman and Robert

Redford. Memorial Theatre.

7.30pm Fiji Club Welcome and Social Evening.

Lounge and Smoking Room.

7.00pm Folk Club Nite. Theatre Foyer.

Saturday 13th March

7.30pm International Evening in the Union Hall. Includes international cultural items, music, dancing and supper.

Additions to the above programme are expected hourly, so watch the notice Boards and keep your eyes and ears open!

And remember: if you want to get student prices, or get into the films, you need your ID cards.

Any queries, drop into the friendly Studass office and they'll try to son you out.

Drawing of two dancing figures