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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, No. 1, March 1, 1976

en You are Living in a House -

[unclear: en] You are Living in a House -

[unclear: if] you think the rent is too high, or landlord puts the rent up, you can [unclear: eal] to the Rent Appeal Board. You get appeal forms from a Post Office, Labour Department or the Tenants [unclear: on].

  • An appeal to the Board costs you nothing.
  • The landlord cannot evict you or you for appealing, whether or not you are successful.
  • If the appeal is successful and back-dated, you can deduct the extra money you have paid from the rent.

The landlord or his agent must [unclear: now:] you at least 24 hours notice before [unclear: sing] on to your property, he must [unclear: ae] at a reasonable time, and then only [unclear: nspect] the condition of the property. [unclear: prt] from that he has no more rights a any other person who is not [unclear: invi] and you can tell him to leave.

If the landlord will not do repairs the house, or fix the stove or washing chine, you should give him a month's [unclear: tten] notice to carry out the specif-repairs, if he doesn't fix them with-[unclear: in] month, you can deduct money from [unclear: their] rent to pay for the repairs yourself, [unclear: The] landlord can appeal against your [unclear: decision] to deduct from the rent, but cannot evict you for doing so. The [unclear: aants] Union has blank forms giving [unclear: al] notice for repairs to be carried [unclear: it].