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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 39, No. 1, March 1, 1976



So what's the alternative? We might say that nothing's better than the present, but that's taking anarchism too far. Some discussion between students on effective tactics would be valuable and help in leadership may be required.

Either SRC or Education Committee would be good forums for these. If we get rid of the boring reports from University committees and get into this more students would be interested and student leaders might learn something about real leadership.

An important point to realise in this is that students and teachers are not necessarily in opposition. The above criticisms are not primarily against the individuals involved (tho' a few could do with it) but against the institution of the University. As with other institutions in our society, there is an inherent bias toward the status quo and against change. This bias works through the people in it, but is effectively independent of individuals. The more effective means of proceeding is to avoid the institutions and work outside them.

If we students want an effective voice in running our own education, in improving our own conditions, we've got to work outside the system that manipulates us at present. To expect an institution that creates and recreates the problems to be able to solve them is just slightly naive. Student representation is not just a farce, it's a highly dangerous myth. It must be seen as such and done away with.

By Anthony Ward