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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 38, Number 25. 2nd October 1975

Hist 307

Hist 307

Joc Phillips and Phillida Bunkle: Life of the Mind in America.
Organisation 4.20
Workload 2.40
Students' say 3.00
Recommend 2.00
Joc Phillips Convey info 4.00
Phillida Bunkle Convey info 3.80
Knowledge 4.60
Approachable 4.20
Knowledge 4.80
Approachable 4.40
35 students enrolled, only 5 replies.

Since the questionnaires were not filled out in class time, we received a disappointingly low reply rate. The five replies were generally pleased with the course, saying that they felt the course useful, and a significant improvement on other courses they they had taken. One even described it as "truly amazing'.

Teaching: There were no lectures. Rather, students did reading and prepared weekly reports for tutorials/seminars. This arrangement made for a heavy workload, but but was considered much better than lectures and allowed the student responsible for the seminar to control it. Assessment was wholly in-term, based on written work.

Content: Not much was said here, except that it was "very interesting" and the assignment topics were flexible so that students could concentrate on areas of personal interest. One student said there was too much emphasis on the individualist psycho-analytical approach to intellectual history, and insufficient on the underlying social and economic conditions.