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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 38, Number 25. 2nd October 1975

Pols 341

Pols 341

Ray Goldstein:
Organisation 3.77
Workload 3.22
Lecturer Convey info 4.22
Students' say 4.56
Recommend 2.00
Knowledge 4.67
Approachable 5.00
10 students enrolled, 9 replies.
The students' comments were more useful to the teacher than to future students, but we analyse them anyway. Most students were interested in the course. Their complaints were:
  • Teaching: Students were ill-prepared for seminars, because they were concentrating on the one major presentation and not weekly readings.
  • Content: There was insufficient time to get into the individualised project. This is the same problem as all half-year courses have.
  • that there was an unfortunate fragmentation between research project topics (with a NZ emphasis) and seminar topics (US emphasis).
  • that, as with every course, there was too much to cover in the time.
We are noting this comment of the one student who found the course 'not particularly useful,' because it may be useful to others with political leanings similar to that students. She said:
  • It should examine the more radical theorists, rather than reformers who have already made questionable assumptions about the making of foreign policy.
  • In seminars, there was too much emphasis on what 'the author' thought and not enough on what i think.' That is, students tended to voice authors' opinions and not their own opinions.