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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Volume 38, Number 25. 2nd October 1975

Pols 244

Pols 244.

Rod Alley: Intro to international pols.
Organisation 4.06
Workload 2.90
Lecturer Convey info 4.27
Students' say 2.89
Recommend 1.96
Knowledge 4.73
Approachable 4.00
46 students enrolled, 32 replies.

General reaction to the course was favourable. No student said she/he found it 'useless.' The positive replies were like 'Very useful' most quite useful, very-informative, i.e. favourable but not rave reviews.

Teaching: Few students commented on the teacher, thus no trends can be deduced. However, students considering taking the course may be interested in some of the characteristics of Dr Alley, as some students saw him. They said

  • need more student participation. Alley was a good lecturer but dominated 'tuts and lectures.
  • seminars need be longer than 50 mins.

Content: The most common complaint was, as usual, that too much was covered in too short a time. Students wanted less material, so it could be covered in more depth.

  • A number of students would have liked greater use of visual aids, i.e. films.
  • Note: we do not want these sections to just state trends in what students thought It is also important to relate remarks of individual students, that might be of special importance to other individual students considering taking the course e.g. one student said 244 should include the works of Marxist economists as they relate to 3rd World countries. Another wanted the couse to include 'imperialism.' Another said course was descriptive rather than explanatory, it lacked the ability to analyse consistently. These remarks are probably made by students with specific interests, thus even though they are isolated they are useful to other students with similar interests.