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Salient. Victoria University Student Newspaper. Vol. 38 No. 22. September 11, 1975

Src Report

Src Report

Sometime around noon last Wednesday another SRC meeting painfully prised its way into the holiday fogged consciousness of the students in the Union Hall. The apologies and minutes were dispatched in the usual manner with Lisa Sacksen mistaking apathetic silence for an assenting chorus of 'ayes' — but then, that's an easy mistake to make. During "matters arising" something came up about a Malaysian High Commission car floating in our terrorial waters. Ace scoop, wonder boy. Publications Officer John Henderson mentioned that he had done some personal investigating (just like on the telly) and had a sneaking suspicion that the car in question was, in fact, from the Malaysian High Commission Well done John! The Sunday Times may want you yet Lad. Anyway, some vague decision was reached to look into the matter.

Next came the August Council. Delegates Reports most of which were printed in Salient last week not worth bothering to repeat here. Basically, apart from a few items, most delegates grizzled about the lack of action or any effective policy decisions being made at NZUSA Council. Included in Bryony Hales' (International) report was a motion that we recommend to the executive that VUWSA give $150 annually to the NZUSA Southern Africa Scholarship. The scholarship is to provide South African students with the opportunity to study in New Zealand, if they cannot further their studies in South Africa because of political repression. At present Henry Isaacs is studying in New Zealand under the scholarship and the idea is to make it an ongoing scheme The motion was carried

Then came an announcement from the executive. It turns out that VUWSA is now the proud owner of the Mount Street Book Store. The English firm which used to own Sweet and Maxwells is having liquidity problems and many of their retail outlets are being sold. It appears that we rejected an offer of partnership from Whitcoulls because of the "sneaky way"' they seem to operate in their "partnership" with Auckland University Students' Association, in running the University Bookshop there. Lisa Sacksen is Chairman of the Board of Directors of our new possession, but she intends to relinquish this position before the Revolution. (Ah! But what of the subsequent purges?) Anyway, from now on any student caught indulging in a transaction with Whitcoulls or Technical Books or any other opposition establishment down town, will meet a fate worse than death (a night out at the Casablanca with John Henderson) Besides, experts insist that within two years this new shop will have cornered the student market. Well, dunno bout that but if its supported the way SRC meetings are, it'll go out of business in no time.

Anyway, the next issue to come up was the question of donating money to support the 'Tribunal on Crimes Against Women. The purpose of this "tribunal" is to highlight the restrictions which now prevent women from obtaining all forms of birth control; namely abortion, contraception and sterialisation. The tribunal seems to have associations with the "Young Socialists " though officially the brain-child of the Women's Choice Club fronted by some well-known feminists on campus. Predictably it will be composed of "women who support a woman's right to control her reproductive life" and will call on women to testify from their own experience as well as "experts" in this field. The info we were given says its already got the support of a wide range of people and organisations including Dr Rex Hunton, Ken Douglas, Brian Edwards. Phillidda Bunkle, Bert Muggins and the Bulls Truck Drivers' Bowling Club (but we're a bit suspicious of these last jokers so our John's checking up).

So anyway there was this motion which suggested we give $150 to help the organisation of this thing. Various arguments were heard for and against. These against pointed out that if the organisation was going to cost $500 $600 we shouldn't be paying a quarter of it, especially since we've only got about $10 left in the donations kitty and so many other organisations were supposed to he supporting it. The case for donating the money was mainly, that the costs would be quite higher than the $500 figure stated and money was still needed. Not all the endorsements were financial and other universities would be approached. In the end, however, no money was given but we did give support in principle to the holding of the 'Tribunal".

Finally Pip Desmond told us an alarming story about the extra work for no extra pay being done by the "Womens Course" teachers. She moved we recommend that they either be paid or have their work load in other departments reduced, to ease pressure on them. This really practical step to counter crimes against women on our own doorstep, passed with flying colours Thus the meeting ended in a blaze of success, the course of human destiny shaped for all time. Nevertheless, the blaze of success could use a little more fuel, so how about turning up next Wednesday.

Table 1 Present and Projected Student Rolls in School of Architecture
1975 1976 1977 1978
Building Science (1st year) 25 25 30 30
(2nd year) 20 30 25
Architecture (1st year) 25 25
(2nd year) 25
Totals 25 45 75 105